Friday, January 01, 2010

Another miscarriage of justice

A federal judge has dropped charges against Blackwater guards involved in the deaths of 17 innocent Iraqis two years ago. Iraqis are understandably angry.

The CEO of the company formerly known as Blackwater issued a statement praising a judge's decision to dismiss charges against five of his firm's security guards charged with fatally shooting 14 unarmed Iraqis.

"The company supports the judge's decision to dismiss the charges," said Joseph Yorio, chairman and CEO of the newly christened Xe Services, in a statement appearing in several US media.

"From the beginning, Xe has stood behind the hundreds of brave men who put themselves in harm's way to protect American diplomats working in Baghdad and other combat zones in Iraq," he said.

"Like the people they were protecting, our Xe professionals were working for a free, safe and democratic Iraq for the Iraqi people," read the statement released late Thursday.

Apparently "Xe" protects American diplomats by all means, even by killing innocent Iraqis. Why doesn't the company just admit their guys got spooked by a bomb a mile away and started shooting and accidentally killed a few innocent Iraqis? It's not the first time a security firm killed innocent Iraqis. If we're going to let a private security firm off the hook for killing innocent Iraqis, we might as well free these guys, who actually killed insurgents.


Dolly said...

Even Blackwater is not happy to be associated with Blackwater, hence a name change to Xe.

This story strikes me as stupid because the Shi'a don't care when 10,000 people are killed, and now they care about 14.
This from the same people who danced in the immediate aftermath of Shock & Awe

If the resistance kills 4000 occupation, they see it as undesirable; but if 1 rafidhi throws a shoe and misses,
makes an ass of himself, gets beaten up, and apologizes to Maliki from prison -- then he deserves a statue!

"I see no difference between praying behind a jew and praying behind a rafidhi."
- Imam Bukhari (9th century)

Iraqi Mojo said...

The statue was built in Tikrit, Saddam's home town. Iraqi Shia are angered by the murder of all innocent Iraqis, and sadly the vast majority of Iraqi victims have been murdered by the "resistance" and the Salafi takfiri scum of earth.

Anonymous said...

How do you know what "Iraqi Shia" are thinking and saying since you do not speak Arabic? Has memri gone to Iraq to translate for you? If so, do you trust the Mossad-run memri? And how do you know their translations are accurate if since you do not speak Arabic? Do you trust memri? If so how do you trust them? And why do you trust them? Are they credible? And who determines credibility? And how can anyone determine their credibility if they do not speak both languages in order to judge them?

Iraqi Mojo said...

I speak Arabic in the Iraqi dialect, zmal.

شلون زمال

You don't have to know Arabic to know that Iraqis are sick of the Saddamist and Salafi scum of earth.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Iraq asks Blackwater employees to leave, will sue five guards

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always