Friday, January 08, 2010

Parliament bans prominent Sunni from elections

"A parliamentary committee empowered to vet candidates announced Thursday that the list of candidates from the National Dialogue Front, the group led by Mr. Mutlaq, was one of 15 that would be barred from taking part in the elections. The committee said the group promoted the Baath Party of former President Saddam Hussein, which is banned by the Constitution.

Mr. Mutlaq has openly courted factions that still support the Baath Party in Sunni regions, though he insists that alone does not warrant his ban.

He became a leading force in Sunni provinces across Iraq following his group’s relative success in last year’s provincial elections, and he entered a coalition with former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi that many expected to fare well in March. Even moderate success could have ensured Mr. Mutlaq a say in deciding Iraq’s next prime minister."


Habis said...

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Habis said...

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Iraqi Mojo said...

Yes I am Iraqi American. I have spent most of my life in America, the country that gave us freedom when Saddam wanted to kill us. I love America, but I also love the Iraq that was before Saddam led it to war and ruin. I don't expect you to understand, hmar el urduni, because I know how much the Jordanian jarab loved him. You can name your streets whatever you like.

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Aton said...

Habis, it's 2010, Bush isn't in office anymore.

Maury said...

Why are YOU still here Habis? Shouldn't you be pulling a detonator outside a mosque somewhere? You and Dolly are a laugh a minute. Retarded enough to talk that shit,but too chickenshit to DO a damned thing.

Maury said...

These traffic monitors are cool Mojo. Musings on Iraq has one. I think it's free.

C.H. said...


Habis isn't living in reality...his vitriolic posts look as if they are from 2005. Bush and Blair are gone, US soldiers are pulling out, and the "resistance" has lost...but you would think Habis has been living in a cave somewhere these last 12 months.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is so obviously a bad decision for Iraq's unity that it won't stand, and al-Mutlag may even gain by the failed attempt to marginalize him.