Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Arab & Muslim unity or hypocrisy?

An Arab posted the video below a year ago, after Arab "leaders" cried for Gaza. I don't agree with everything he says. He says Assad killed hundreds of thousands of members of the Muslim Brotherhood and he says Saddam killed tens of thousands of Shia. I think it's the other way around: Saddam killed hundreds of thousands of Shia and Assad killed tens of thousands of the Muslim Brotherhood. Also he characterizes the Palestinians as "filthy" because they betrayed the Kuwaitis. Not all Palestinians supported Saddam and not all Palestinians supported Saddam's invasion of Kuwait.

Nevertheless some good points are made in this video. I just wanted to show how disgusted some Arabs are by the hypocrisy of the Arabs and their support for Saddam. So I'm not the only one.

In the video the narrator says the Jordanian King mass murdered Palestinians in the "August of the Black". He means "Black September"


madtom said...

Your not the only one, we may have few things in common, but when I see people praising castro in Cuba and free health care, and free education...bla,bla,bla, I want to puke. So don't worry your not alone, we are out there.

Anonymous said...

Really good video. I don't know about the song at the end, lol.

Iraqi Mojo said...

LOL, I think it shows how much Arabs detest dogs.

When I was a kid, around 5 years old, we were living in Dora, a southern neighborhood of Baghdad. I remember one day I was playing outside and a stray dog followed me home. I was SO scared of the dog! When we moved to the US a year later, I saw Americans playing with their dogs and I was surprised by how obedient and friendly the dogs were. Quickly I realized that most dogs just want to play, eat, and be loved.

The Arabs in general don't like dogs. But at least one Iraqi family does love their dog.

Anonymous said...

That's true most arab don't like dogs! They think their dirty.

Don Cox said...

Pet dogs, properly looked after, are clean; but stray street dogs are likely to harbor worms, which can affect small children, so there is good reason to avoid them. Putting out bait containing worm-killing drugs would solve the problem, if done as an organised campaign.