Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Saddam's Killing Fields

Update (May 26, 2009): The clips below have been removed by YouTube. Watch the documentary here.

I posted a clip of this documentary a few months ago - that clip is from Part 1 below. These six videos (Parts 1-5 are each 10 minutes long) comprise the full length documentary titled Saddam's Killing Fields, which was made two years after Gulf War I, and is a must see if you haven't seen it. It's too bad that not all conversations with victims were translated. In an interview with a Washington analyst in Part 3, she explains that the head of Iraqi military intelligence told the Kurds in April, 1991 that they had killed 300,000 people in the south of Iraq during the uprising there. Part 4 briefly discusses the Sunni Arab victims of Saddam's regime. This is the first time I have seen this documentary in its entirety, and even I was shocked. I am still surprised when people tell me that there was no sectarian violence in Iraq before 2003.

Part 1: George Bush Sr. encourages Iraqis to rise up and overthrow Saddam's regime, the Shia rebellion in March, 1991

Part 2: A visit to free Kurdistan, interviews with Ahmed Chalabi and Shia victims of Saddam's terror.

Part 3: Interview with Washington analyst Laurie Milroy on why the US did not help the Shia, and how many Shia were killed in the south. A review of the Anfal Campaign and a recording of Ali Hassan al Majeed talking about hitting the Kurds with chemicals, review of documents found in Erbil that reveal Majeed's plan for the Marsh Arabs. Discussion about the Marsh Arabs.

Part 4: Destruction of Marsh Arab villages and the draining of the southern marshes. Interviews with Shia victims and an Iraqi Shia exile who compiled documented evidence of atrocities and the plan to drain the marshes.

Part 5: Discussion about western governments and companies that sold weapons and equipment to Saddam's regime. Interviews with Marsh Arabs.

Part 6 (credits):

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