Tuesday, February 13, 2007

George Galloway

I like George Galloway because he's smart. He seems to care a great deal about Arabs and Muslims, maybe because he was married to one.

In this speech (Jan 07) he starts off talking about Palestine and the Lebanon (I love it when Brits say 'the Lebanon') and makes some very good points. Then he moves on to Iraq to say (he was quoting another MP) that "we've installed a gang of warlords in power in Baghdad, the heads of competing militias, some of them at war with our own soldiers. It's not a government, it's Martin Scorsese's Gangs of New York." I wouldn't call Hakim or even Sadr a warlord, but members of their militias have attacked coalitions troops before. I don't like how Galloway has defended Saddam Hussein in the past, but he is brutally honest, and sometimes shocking. Most shocking to me in this speech comes at the end, when he says that there will come a time when a real trial of Tony Blair will take place. I believe that the true test of a democracy is to see how far a member of parliament can go in criticizing the prime minister without being punished, and the British seem to have a great democracy.

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