Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The War Between Iraqis and Al Qaeda

Buried under allegations of rape - I wonder if Al Jazeera covered this:

'Al-Badeel Al-Iraqi reports that gunmen associated with Al-Qaeda in Iraq have murdered 24 people from the Al-Bu Farraj and Al-Bu Risha tribes, which are part of the Anbar Salvation Council, a coalition of local tribes in western Iraq fighting Al-Qaeda, in Ramadi. The Iraqi police said that gunmen suspected to be members of Al-Qaeda stopped a bus carrying a family of 13 persons returning from a funeral near Fallujah and killed them in cold blood after learning they were members of the Al-Bu Farraj, a Sunni tribe in opposition of Al-Qaeda. In Ramadi, two suicide bombers targeted the residence of Sheikh Abdul Sattar Al-Buzayi’, a tribal leader who formed the Anbar Salvation Council after Al-Qaeda murdered his father. 11 people were killed in the attack when a suicide bomber rammed his rigged vehicle into the outer gates of the house. Moments later a second bomber drove his truck into the house. Sheikh Buzayi’ told the pan-Arab Al-Hayat newspaper that five guards, four women and three children were killed in this attack, adding that it was in response to clashes in Ramadi yesterday that killed 12 members of Al-Qaeda.'

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