Thursday, February 08, 2007

'Fatal Errors'

Americans and other non-Iraqi forces often seem to have a hard time telling the difference between good and bad guys. I wonder why they thought the Iraqi guards in this sad story were bad. We cannot afford mistakes like this.

Fatal Error: Three Iraqi State TV Guards Killed
VIP Bodyguards Kill TV Security Guards in Case of Mistaken Identity
Posted 22 hr. 30 min. ago

Three Iraqiya TV guards killed in Baghdad
By Adel Fakher

Baghdad, Feb 7, (VOI)- Three guards working for the government funded al-Iraqiya TV were killed on Wednesday by fire of foreign security guards in central Baghdad, a media source said. "Foreign security guards accompanying a delegation shot and killed today three guards working for al-Iraqiya TV," the source told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI). The incident occurred in al-Salihiya in central Baghdad near the Iraqiya TV headquarters, he added. "The foreign security guards mistakenly suspected al-Iraqiya guards as gunmen intending to attack the delegation visiting the nearby justice ministry building," the source said. He added "the Iraqiya TV guards were securing the area around their headquarters when the incident took place." The two buildings are located opposite to each other in al-Salihiya in central Baghdad. The source said "the TV head demanded the authorities to investigate the killing incident."

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