Friday, February 09, 2007

Is Bush Protecting His Saudi Friends?

The Finger Points at Iran But Not Saudi Arabia

Government Releases Proof of Iran's Complicity This Weekend
By ROBERT Y. PELTON Posted 3 hr. 43 min. ago
This weekend the U.S. will reveal a laundry list of evidence that Iran is involved in Iraq's violence.

Highlights will include proof that Iran is supplying support to Shia groups. The much awaited evidence seems to support much of an orchestrated campaign and steady build up to a confrontation with Iran. The evidence was supposed to be released last week but official decided to make sure there were no errors. The evidence comes from interrogations, serial numbers, captured documents, weapons and personnel. In all there is supposed to be a pile of documents two inches thick that supports the administrations claims.

Among the hard evidence there will be proof of Iran supplying:

- Money - Weapons Components - Explosively Formed Projectiles - Bomb Components - Surface to Air Missiles - Weapons - Explosives - Training and Personnel

The U.S. will also assert the elements of the Revolutionary Guard are operational inside Iraq. The Iranians deny that they are involved or have people inside Iraq. There is no mention of support of other groups by other outside sources like the Sunnis in Al Anbar province. The information will not explain how the recent rash of helicopter crashes happened in Sunni neighborhoods. The Iraq Study Group pointed (on page 29) that "Funding for the Sunni insurgency comes from private individuals within Saudi Arabia".

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