Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another Sunni Woman Raped by Security Forces

Another Sunni Woman Raped by Security Forces
Four Iraqi Soldiers Confessed, Charged With Crime
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As the scandal over the alleged rape of a 20-year-old Sunni woman by Iraqi police last weekend continues to simmer, it has been revealed that incident was the second time last week Iraqi security forces were denounced for allegedly raping a Sunni woman.

In the first case, three grunts and a lieutenant have been accused of raping a middle-aged, married mother of eleven and attempting to rape two of her daughters in Tal Afar northern Iraq. The case has been referred to the judiciary for prosecution.

According to news accounts quoting Gen. Njim Abdullah, the mayor of Tal Afar, security forces were performing a sweep for weapons and insurgents when the attack took place.

The men initially denied the charges but later confessed after the woman personally confronted them.

The three soldiers admitted to assaulting the woman while their lieutenant filmed the attack with a cell phone camera. A fifth soldier apparently happened upon the scene while it was in progress and pointed a gun at his comrades to force them to stop.

The BBC quoted Gen. Abdullah as saying: "One of the soldiers did not approve. His name is Mushtaq Taleb from Basra. He wanted to stop his comrades by threatening them with weapons because it is an immoral act, but the rape took place anyway."

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