Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Traumatic Brain Injuries

This is worth watching. This is what happens to people with traumatic brain injuries. Bob Woodruff is lucky. Many soldiers and civilians lose their speech and cannot move after a traumatic brain injury.

Must-See: Bob Woodruff's "To Iraq and Back"
Phenomenal, Moving TV Documentary Now Can Be Seen in Full Online
Posted 6 hr. 11 min. ago

From ABC News
Bob Woodruff with two of his four children shortly after he awakened from a 36-day coma

ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff was nearly killed a year ago in an IED attack in Iraq. He's made a near-miraculous recovery. Bob Woodruff's hour-long documentary was broadcast last night on ABC. For those who missed it and for those in Iraq and elsewhere who couldn't see the ABC telecast, you can watch the entire program in six segments here.

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