Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mehdi vs Mehdi

'The Iraqi Rabita speculates that the Mahdi Army was implicated in the assassination attempt, with the possible knowledge of PM Maliki, especially since Abdul Mahdi had announced his willingness to take Maliki’s position if he were to be deposed by the U.S. for his incompetence. Abdul Mahdi’s bodyguards were cursing Sadrists after the bombing, according to an uncorroborated eyewitness account from the scene. The Rabita also quotes “informed sources from Najaf” that both SCIRI and the Da’wa Party are competing for U.S. blessings and acceptance by giving the names of their opponents to the U.S. military.'

If this is true, the Parliament should call for early elections. Maliki's gotta go. This is insane. The Iraqi government should have further investigated Sadr's involvement in the assassination of Abdul Majid al Khoei, and should arrest him still if he is guilty in any way.

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