Tuesday, January 26, 2010

France moves closer to Muslim face veil ban

I like France.

'The head of President Nicolas Sarkozy's Right-wing UMP party on Tuesday said he would continue to push for a total ban of face-covering Islamic veils in France.

Jean-François Copé's proposal for a full ban was backed by 190 MPs but rejected by a cross-party commission, which handed a list of proposals to parliament recommending a ban of the burka or niqab in state facilities but not in the street.

The ban would apply to public places, including all schools, hospitals, public transport and government offices. It described the face-covering veil as an unacceptable "challenge to our republic".'


Anonymous said...

"I like France" Oh!, I get it. Now you are posing as a secular progressive. lol.

"hey look at me white man....I am a secular Shia Muslim....We are not all religious....I am against the veil too....I even drink alcohol....I am just like you white man....and I cheer your wars on the Arabs....and I love Israel too....please accept me...please white man...i need your acceptance..."

Iraqi Mojo said...

Please white man accept me? LOL

The white man accepted me long ago. I became a US citizen in 1990, just a few weeks before Saddam invaded Kuwait.

How did you react Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, Habis? How did the Jordanians react? How old were you then and when did you come to America?

Habis said...

Stupid Saddam liberated kuwait, not invaded. The US invaded Iraq, not liberated. You are so stupid you always get those mixed up.

Iraqi Mojo said...

'How to "stop this practice is not the most simple thing to define," the report says.

As a result, the committee reduced its recommendation to a nonbinding resolution condemning the burka as "contrary to the values of the Republic." It also called for educational programs to reduce fundamentalism.

Andre Gerin, a member of the Communist Party and president of the committee, cautioned that the report should not "lead to a debate about religion" but instead should focus discussion on the "scandalous practices" of terrorism and extremism that "hide behind the full veil."

Socialists on the panel worried that the burka controversy could become part of a debate over French identity and stir anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment. Committee members also strongly disagreed over whether a full ban should become law; such a recommendation was left out of the report.

Nevertheless, lawmakers could be closer to drafting a bill barring the burka in selected places to assist public servants in dealing with veiled Muslims in hospitals and schools, the report said.'

Don Cox said...

I think it is best to ignore the burka. Here in NE England, there was a fashion for this silly costume a year or two ago.

Nobody took any notice, and it is a while now since I saw one.

Aton said...

"Saddam liberated kuwait"

By lighting all their oil wells on fire?

Anonymous said...

Yeah asshole. That was great. I wish he would of set the Iraqi oil wells on fire also before they were taken over by foreign occupiers. Everyone prefers burning the oil rather than having it stolen by foreign occupiers. Common sense shithead.

Aton said...

Do you like burning things?

Aton said...

Kuwait's GDP (PPP) per capita income is the 11th highest in the world.


Iraqi Mojo said...

Like Saddam, Habis does not mind ruining the environment, and just like they didn't mind ruining Iraq.

Wow, Kuwait is 5th in GDP per capita according to the CIA World Factbook. I read a headline earlier saying that Kuwait is thinking about forgiving the debt owed by Iraq. The Kuwaitis were very happy to see the end of Saddam.

Anonymous said...

Yes Kuwait would be a great model to for any country with two families and 6 oil wells. For the rest of the world they would need a different approach.

God Bless America said...

Iraqi Mojo: "The white man accepted me long ago. I became a US citizen in 1990, just a few weeks before Saddam invaded Kuwait. "

Considering your pride for a white man accepting you, I believe you haven't stopped celebrating like this since 1990: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5gNYVia2rg

It resonates Iraqi Mojo's pride, admit it--even if it's a hype.

Aton said...

"Common sense"

This would be common sense to some backward Ba'athist cockroach?

Aton said...

“For the rest of the world they would need a different approach.’
Anon 2

Democratic Republic / Capitalism / Constitutional Government / Personal liberty

Anonymous said...

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