Monday, January 04, 2010

Doctors killing for Islam

Remember the UK doctors who wanted to commit jihad and be rewarded in heaven?

The suicide bomber who killed eight CIA agents in Afghanistan was a Jordanian doctor acting as a double agent for al-Qaeda, according to US reports.

The bomber, Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, was a 36-year old doctor from Zarqa, Jordan, the home town of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the late head of al-Qaeda in Iraq, accordign to a report on NBC News.

Balawi was arrested over a year ago by Jordanian intelligence for suspected terror activities, but was thought to have been turned to support US and Jordanian efforts against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

NYT, which interviewed a person who identified the bomber as Humam Khalil Mohammed:
In many of the posts under his online persona, Mr. Mohammed used elusive language filled with references to literature and the Koran to describe his support for violent opposition to the United States-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“When a fighter for God kills a U.S. soldier on the corner of a tank, the supporters of Jihad have killed tens of thousands of Americans through their connection”

Ayman al-Zawahiri was also a doctor who turned to killing in the name of Islam. What kind of doctor can be convinced that killing himself along with a few CIA will be rewarded in heaven?


Habis said...

Doctors, psychologists and other medical experts killed for Jesus and America also stupid. Doctors were there in the Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib torture chambers.

Anonymous said...

Josef Mengele and Heinrich Gross were killers. Doctors don't need a heaven reward to kill.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Did Josef Mengele and Heinrich Gross kill for Christianity?

Iraqi Mojo said...

"But Muslim doctors are certainly not the only ones who have become involved in terrorism. Ikuo Hayashi, a distinguished Tokyo physician and chief of circulatory medicine at a leading Japanese hospital, pleaded guilty to planting sarin gas on Tokyo subway trains. Radovan Karadzic, still to answer for the terror and genocide of Srebrenica, is a psychiatrist."

But I doubt Hayashi killed in the name of Buddhism, and I doubt Karadzic killed in the name of Christianity. The Jordanian Jarab (and other backward 3arab jarab) kill in the name of Islam. I betchya the good doctor screamed "Allah Akbar" before detonating his explosives belt.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Iraq Pundit:

"But what about the role of the Muslim world? From what I have seen, Muslims condemn the murders, but they spend too much time separating themselves from the killers. We hear that murders have nothing to do with Islam. Yeah, yeah, we get it. Instead, they should focus on discrediting the extremist ideology. At this time, too many Muslim leaders have a hard time doing just that. The killers are encouraged by some religious leaders who tell them there is a reward for their violence. Killers are told of a guaranteed spot in heaven, and they are told they can bring a number of family members with them. I'm serious. If Muslim leaders would tell these impressionable, often mentally disturbed, young people that there is no reward for murder, we would get somewhere in fighting terror.

Non-Muslims are often afraid to say something for fear of being perceived as intolerant. And too often Muslims are afraid to speak up. When they do, they face fatwas and violence from their fellow Muslims. We need courageous people such as Britain's Imran Ahmed who took on the extremist Anjem Choudary. "Fanatics like his followers do not like the idea of peaceful coexistence. They want open conflict. To that end, they have hijacked Britain's tradition of free speech (which they themselves don't believe in) to further their own medieval ends," says Ahmed.

More Muslims should speak up. And when they do, they must be supported. Too often people who speak up feel isolated. Because the extremists hate Muslims who disagree with them more than anybody else. The evidence is clear in Iraq where al-Qaeda aims nearly every single suicide truck bomb at civilians."

Freeq said...


Which Abu Ghraib torture chambers are you referring to? THe one where a few American GIs abused a few Iraqi prisoners, were ratted out by other American GIs, and thrown in jail?

Or the one where Saddam's people tortured or killed hundreds, and were never brought to justice?

Which torture chamber offends you more?

Iraqi Mojo said...

I don't think the Sunni Arab nations were offended at all by the crimes at Abu Ghraib before 2003, during 24 years of torture and murder at *many* Iraqi prisons. Jordanian jarab especially supported Saddam during the 80s and they supported him right up until his death, which they protested violently and turned him into a martyr, a hero of the Arab world. It's sad to see such incredible stupidity among our Arab brothers.

"Their names - along with the names of their torturers and executioners - are at last known. One man, Abu Widad, once boasted that he had hanged 70 female prisoners in one night at the Abu Ghraib jail outside Baghdad. In many cases, women were put to death for the crime of being the sisters or wives of a wanted man. Most were associated with the forbidden al-Dawa party, whose members were routinely tortured and killed by the Baathist government."

Iraqi Mojo said...

Even IF Josef Mengele and Heinrich Gross killed in the name Christianity, is it wrong to condemn Muslims, especially Muslim Doctors, who kill in the name of Islam?

Dolly said...

Mojo, the current global conflict is much more important than your internal squabblings with Saddam Hussein.
You keep demanding that we disregard the big war in favor of your 1980s internal disputes.
This is how you got in trouble in Iraq to begin with. If you don't understand how U.S. troops in Iraq are related to the global Crusade, then you won't understand why Iraqis are targeted when they ally with them

Iraqi Mojo said...

Actually I'm merely observing the differences between the way Arabs & Muslims reacted to abuse by US soldiers at Abu Ghraib and the way Arabs & Muslims reacted to abuse (torture & murder) by Saddam's regime at Abu Ghraib and other Iraqi prisons before 2003. I don't expect you to get it, Dolly.

Habis said...

Stupid mentions "shouting Allahu Akbar" and in the other thread made a reference to what Americans call "honor killings" and then condemns Muslims for this and that. Stupid definitely never lived in an Arab country and does not speak Arabic. This is pure American.

Hey stupid where were you born? Why not learn Arabic and visit the Arab world? There are millions of other stupid people in this country who say what you say. If you are claiming to be an Arab or an Iraqi or someone with knowledge of Iraq and the Arab world then you need to offer us something original.

Cmon stupid. Try hard. You can do it.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I mentioned the horrific honor killing in Jordan to show how screwed up Jordan's culture is, to show that these "men" in Jordan are more willing to kill their own sisters than kill the Jordanian security forces who work with Israelis and Americans.

I guess I shouldn't expect you to get it either, anonymous zmal.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I mean Habis, zmal. LOL

Habis said...

Stupid do you really not know why people become upset with a foreign occupation army that invades and occupied their country and tortures its people and rapes the women like Sabreen al-Janabi and kills them? Even you stupid should be able to understand. Do you think Arabs will ever forget abu ghraib pictures and the torture that was set up by the US army at the highest level and made official policy? Do you think Arabs will forget any of the dead Iraqis? Are you really this stupid? Or does this have to do with you not knowing Arabic and trying to assimiliate into American society?

Stupid why do you defend American crimes in Iraq and the Arab world? And when did you become obsessed with Starbucks? And another thing stupid, did you know it is not only Muslims that oppose US crimes and wars but the entire world. Stop attacking Muslims stupid. Stop attacking Arabs stupid. You can assimiliate without bending over stupid. Stand up straight. And put your pants back on stupid.

Iraqi Mojo said...

So the 3arab jarab react to the rape of that Sunni woman by blowing up markets and government ministries? And in Qatar, the host to the US CENTRAL COMMAND, the Arabs are unable to do what they do in Iraq? Are the Arabs just mentally retarded?

Iraqi Mojo said...

'Fort Hood gunman shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as he opened fire'

Habis said...

Yeah stupid you mention "honor killings" because you do not speak Arabic and never lived in Jordan or any Arab country. If you did you would know this whole honor killing bullshit is part of the Americans attacks on Arab culture and Muslims. But you are too stupid to know that so you just repeat after them. There is no such thing as honor killings and incidents of a husband killing his wife or a man killing a female member of his family is very very rare in Jordan. Domestic violence is far more prevalent here in the US, but you are too stupid to know that. You see stupid because you are stupid you simply repeat what you hear here in the US and what you watch on memri TV. I will help you out. "honor killings" is a term used in the US because it sounds exotic to stupid people and they use to attack Arab culture. So why be so stupid and use it? TO deflect attention from Americans murdering Iraqis? And what does that have to do with the brave Jordanian who rid the world of 7 CIA murderers and a filthy traitor from the Hashemite family?

I am proud to be Jordanian this week. That brother represents the people of Jordan and the conscience of the entire Arab world. You are so stupid. lol

Iraqi Mojo said...

The Arabs will never forget the Abu Ghraib pictures, and apparently they will never learn (and even deny) the stories of of torture, rape and murder at Abu Ghraib before 2003. Again this exemplifies the hypocrisy and mental retardation of the 3arab jarab.

Iraqi Mojo said...

In the land of 3arab jarab:

'Honor killings, are part of a culture, not a religion, and occur in Arab communities in the United States and many countries. One-third of the reported homicides in Jordan are honor killings. The killers are treated with leniency, and families assign the task of honor killing to a minor, because under Jordanian juvenile law, minors who commit crimes are sentenced to a juvenile center where they can learn a profession and continue their education, and then, at eighteen, be released without a criminal record. The average term served for an honor killing is only seven and a half months.'

Habis said...

Hey stupid Saddam is history now and constantly going back to him will not deflect attention from the torture, rape, and murder of the Iraqi people by the American terrorist occupation army. Stop trying to defend American crimes stupid. And if you think by claiming to be an Arab or Iraqi you bring some native credibility to your stupid opinions that does not work either stupid. You see stupid: people can tell you are not from the region and do not know the language. You are even more stupid if you think people actually consider you to be an "arab pov" or an "iraqi pov" Do not be so stupid. You do not know the language. You never lived there. You are stupid and you rely on the mossad-run memri for your information.

As an Arab who lived in the Arab world and knows the language and culture I can easily see how stupid and ignorant you are. I think most others do.

Tell me stupid, how do you think you look by attacking Arabs and Muslims? Are you proud of yourself? Do you feel assimiliated now? ha ha ha. Stop bending over stupid. Stand up straight and put your pants back on. Stop being so stupid.

And no matter how stupid you are keep in mind nobody can deflect attention from or make us forget the US crimes in Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Palestine, and Lebanon. Arabs and Muslims will never forget. Learn our language so you can understand us better. How stupid!

Anonymous said...

Stupid I think I am going to kill my sister now and then kick back with a hot cup of coffee from Starbucks and just enjoy watching her body soaking in her own blood. I think that is a nice way to spend an afternoon for an Arab and Muslim. So fucking stupid!

Another thing stupid. CENTCOM is based in Tampa Florida, not Qatar. Qatar is a forward operating base for CENTCOM in the gulf. Do not be so stupid. And I will tell you more stupid. The entire Arabian peninsula is full of American bases. The whole peninsula is surrounded with a ring of American steel. Kuwait, KSA, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, and Iraq. Jordan is full of US basis also and it is the host of the largest CIA base in the region which is why we laughed when a Jordanian brother fooled them and their Jordanian collaborators and killed 7 of them along with a hashemite dog who is a traitor.

All Jordanians and all Arabs would throw all these basis out if they had a choice and one day they will.

You are so fucking stupid!

Anonymous said...

hey stupid I forgot to tell you something. What is really stupid even for you is that you attack Jordanians but it is the jordanian that train the ignorant shia militias that then go back to Iraq to work as puppet police. How stupid is that! All the puppet police in Iraq are trained in Jordan by Jordanians you stupid fuck!. Jordan is a big American green zone and the puppet hashemites are American slaves so the Americans told their puppets in Amman that they are going to send them some puppets from Iraq and we expect you, the Jordanian puppets, to train the Iraqis and instruct them on how to be good puppets. So the older puppets are training the newer puppets and you are still stupid!lol

Iraqi Mojo said...

"Saddam is history now and constantly going back to him will not deflect attention from the torture, rape, and murder of the Iraqi people by the American terrorist occupation army."

I am merely pointing out the hypocrisy of the 3arab jarab, who were quite happy with Saddam as he tortured, raped, and mass murdered Iraqis for 24 years. I am pointing out that the Arabs did not care about torture and murder of Iraqis until the Americans did the torturing and murdering. I mean damn, the 3arab jarab were more incensed by photos of Arab butt pyramids and an Arab man on a dog leash than by 24 years of Amnesty reports of torture, rape, and murder by Saddam, the hero of the Arab world.

I don't expect Jordanian jarab in California to acknowledge the hypocrisy and stupidity of the 3arab jarab vis-a-vis Iraq.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"All the puppet police in Iraq are trained in Jordan by Jordanians"

Interesting. So this adds to the hypocrisy of 3arab jarab who attack Iraqi security forces and do nothing to Jordanian security forces.

Very interesting. Thanks, anonymous zmal. LOL

Aton said...

Habis, I think you are stupid.

and ignorant

and a puppet

what you say, means nothing. One could learn more by watching the grass grow.

Anand said...

Oh my God. The Jordanian fools trained a few IP in 2003 and 2004 . . . the sheer arrogance that they throw this back at Iraqis with. But secretly the Jordanian slime backed armed militias who attacked the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police. Jordan sent thousands of mentally ill non Iraqis to mass murder Iraqis.

Jordaniasn still don't understand why Iraqis don't like them? Classic.

The Iraqis used America to train their army and police. Does Jordan have any army divisions as good as the 7th, 1st, 9th, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 17th Iraqi Army divisions? Oh what's that again Jordanian Zmal?

Only when the Iraqi Army smashes the Jordanians in a border skirmish will the Jordanians ever learn. Too bad. The Iraqi Army doesn't take joy in killing foreigners, even very stupid foreigners.

B Will Derd said...

Nazi symbolism and myths were pagan and occultist, not Christian. Josef Mengele and Heinrich Gross killed for a fascist/supremacist ideology, not a religion. Which is why they are very much like these Muslim Drs. Islam and Nazism have much in common which is why Arabs had so much affinity for Hitler and his gang and still do.

Anonymous said...

Hey stupid what hypocrisy? Go look in a mirror and look hypocrisy right in its ugly face, ugly stupid face I might add. So you hate Jordanians for training the Iraqi puppet police you call the "Iraqi security forces"? How stupid are you? I thought a stupid moron like you is hoping for an American colony in Iraq. That is what you asked for stupid. Why do you keep attacking Kuwait, Qatar, KSA, and Jordan? They are your role models stupid! What you want is another Jordan, KSA or Egypt in Iraq stupid. An American puppet regime who signs deals with the US occupier to keep their basis there, and oil contract deals, and intelligence gathering cooperation, and Neo-Liberal trade polices, and certainly so called cooperation. That is what all puppets want. It seems to me stupid that these Arab regimes are what you aspire to and dream of being in Iraq.

The Arabs are not hypocrites. They are consistent, they hate all puppets, the puppets in Jordan, the Gulf, Iraq, Egypt and anywhere else. You are so stupid. Really really stupid. And you sound jealous that Jordanians who you call jarab are training Shia militias in the art of puppetry and subservience to America. How does it feel to be trained by Jarab stupid.

From now on let us call the Iraqi Puppet police the Jarab-trained puppet police. How does it feel to be trained by jarab stupid? And what does it make those shia militias? You are so stupid!

Iraqi Mojo said...

zmal, I hate Jordanians for exporting suicide bombers and "mujahideen" to kill Iraqis in the most horrific ways. Jordanian jarab killed Iraqi women and kids for Saddam, your hero. I hate the 3arab jarab for this.

Yes it would be nice if Starbucks can operate in Iraq like they operate in Kuwait and KSA, without terrorism, without "resistance". But how about the 3arab jarab just stop attacking Iraqi cafes where police hang out for the time being? The Arab resistance has not been consistent in fighting Arab puppets, zmal. If the 3arab jarab stop killing Iraqis, and allow Iraqis to live in peace like the Jordanians and Kuwaitis and Qataris live in peace, I will stop calling the 3arab jarab hypocrites.

Use your brain, zmal.

استعمل دماغك، زمال

Anonymous said...

oooooooooooooo stupid you are so stupid. Live in peace? Cmon stupid. What peace. Is Palestine living in peace? Is Somalia living in peace? Is Lebanon living in peace? Wake and smell the gahwa stupid. There is no peace anywhere in the Arab world. That is why the brave Arab resistane is fighting to liberate Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon from foreing wars and invasions stupid. You wanted an American war on Iraq and you got it stupid. Now live with it. You hate jordanians stupid? Do you think we care? The Iraqis were living in peace until the US invaded Iraq and you welcomed the violent invasion. You cheered the foreign invaders. You welcomed the foreign invaders. You did it safely from the US stupid not from Iraq, but you did do it. You do not want peace. You wanted war. You wanted shock and awe. You wanted American bombs falling on Baghdad because you are garbage, trash, zbaleh. Zbaleh means garbage in Arabic. And the dirtiest of the garbage is now being sent to Jordan to be trained by the jarab. The jarab are the ones who collaborate with the US like the jordanian regime. But Jordanians like Iraqis are not traitors and they will fight for a thousand years. You wanted bombs you got bombs. Get used to it stupid. Oh wait! You do not have to get used to it. You do not even live there and do not speak Arabic. I almost forgot. You sit in the US and jack off all day on your blog.

Be nice to the jarab regimes. They are your role models. You want an Egypt or Jordan in Iraq, but the Arabs will prevent inshaallah.

Anonymous said...

You hate Jordanians stupid? aaaahhh how are we going to sleep now? lol.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Check out this video of a Hilton Starbucks in Kuwait, zmal.

Watch this video of an American enjoying himself at a Starbucks in Dubai, mu6y.

No terrorism, no resistance, hmar.

Are all Jordanians as mentally handicapped as Habis al Urduni?

Iraqi Mojo said...

zmal, watch this video of Americans crossing from Israel into Amman to get Starbucks. Looks quite peaceful. Jordanians are lucky.

Anand said...

Mojo why ask the Jordanian zmal with kherra deoderant to use his brain. It is impolite to tell very mu6y people to use their brain.

Jordanian hmar wrote: "Is Palestine living in peace? Is Somalia living in peace? Is Lebanon living in peace? Wake and smell the gahwa stupid. There is no peace anywhere in the Arab world." The reason for this is because many non Iraqi Sunni Arabs are very mu6y.

The reason for Palestine's problems even more than Israeli misdeeds--of which there are many--is because most non Iraqi Sunni Arabs pretend to be Palestine's friend while behaving like Palestine's enemy.

Where are the thousands of non Iraqi Sunni Arab volunteers doing social work in Palestine? How much do non Iraqi Sunni Arabs donate to Palestinian NGOs and social services? Why does the vast majority of foreign aid to Palestine come from Europe, America, Japan, Korea, China, India, and other non Arab countries? Where are the Arabs? Too busy drinking haraam alcohol?

Are the non Iraqi Sunni Arabs training and equipping the Palestinian security forces?

Are they helping Lebanon? Are they helping anyone in the world? What is their purpose for living?

For all of America's, Europe's, China's, India's, Japan's, Korea's, Australia's, Malaysia's, Singapore's mistakes; many of them volunteer to help the poor in the developing world.

Where are the Arab volunteers in Africa?

"That is why the brave Arab resistane is fighting to liberate Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon from foreing wars and invasions stupid." You are too mu6y to call anyone else stupid. Where is this resistance? Where is the resistance in Palestine? Where is the resistance in Lebanon? Where is the resistance in Iraq?

Jordanian Zmal, in December MNF-I had zero killed in action. In August, September, October and November, there were 4, 4, 2, and 3 killed from all causes. {The resistance cannot even take all the credit for these deaths.} There use to be more than 100 killed in action a month

Violent attacks against the brave Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police are down by about 95% since late 2006.

Where is the "brave resistance" in Iraq?

"The Iraqis were living in peace until the US invaded Iraq and you welcomed the violent invasion." The Iraqi civil war started in 1980; some would say 1991. It finally ended in 2008.

Comparing Iraq to Jordan or Egypt is a travesty. Iraq elects its own leaders. Iraq has freedom of speech and religion. Iraq also has a higher quality army.

If you hate Iraqis so much, why don't you go to Iraq and fight the Iraqi Army. The Iraqi Army hands out free one way passes to Jahannum for extremely stupid non Iraqi Sunni Arabs.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"You hate Jordanians stupid? aaaahhh how are we going to sleep now? lol."

You should sleep fine, zmal. Iraqis do not blow up Jordanian markets and police stations just because we hate the Jrodanian Jarab.

Aton said...

This guy has obviously banged his forehead upon the ground one too many times.

Aton said...

Its common knowledge that AQ been manipulating mentally handicapped Jordanian men to carry out suicide attacks against Iraqi women and children?

Iraqi Mojo said...

Hmar el Urduni, the term "honor killing" is used by many western reporters (and brave Jordanian women like Rana Husseini) to describe the killings of women that are committed by the victims' relatives to protect the "honor" of the women's families. What do Jordanians call it when a woman is murdered by a relative for allegedly having pre-marital sex or extra-marital sex? Do you have a special word to describe these crimes?

Habis said...

Yeah stupid that term is used by western journalists because they also do not speak arabic just like you stupid. The concept of "honor killings" is a western concept stupid. They use it to brainwash their populations about Arabs and Islam and attack their culture. You are so stupid so you just repeat after them. Why not learn Arabic and actually visit the Arabs so you stop making an ass out of yourself. Stand up stupid. Put your pants back on.

Iraqi Mojo said...

So Rana Husseini is wrong to use the term "honor killings"? What do you call a murder that was done to "protect the honor" of the family. Is there another reason for these killings? Please enlighten us, hmar el urduni. Jordan seems like a different world.

Is Suha Philip Ma’ayeh also wrong to use the term "honor killing"?

"AMMAN // Women’s activists in Jordan said they would step up their fight against so-called honour crimes after two women were killed on the same day, and a man jailed for shooting his raped sister had his sentence halved.

On Thursday, a 20-year-old man stabbed his older sister several times with a kitchen knife and then smashed her head with a rock, an official and reports said.

A criminal prosecutor working on the case said an autopsy was being carried out but the brother had confessed and had been taken into custody.

According to the prosecutor, who wished to remain anonymous because he was not authorised to talk to the press, the woman had spent the last three months in Juwaidah prison for women fearing her life was in danger."

Habis said...

you are quite a googler stupid. You really need to learn the language and get some knowledge of the arabs and in the meantime you need to shut the fuck up stupid. Just shut the fuck up stupid. Keep your mouth shut until you have something original to say. And you still have not told us about the American doctors and psychologists who were participating in torture at guantanamo and abughraib. Were they white, black or brown? Were they evangelicals or baptists? I heard the Hispanics and Blacks in America do not hate the Arabs and Muslims as much as the whites. Tell us about it stupid.

And I still want to know why the Shia come to jordan for training and how it makes you feel. Did they teach them to stand in a straight line? And shoot straight? And I am not going to say it again, stop bending over, stand up straight and put your pants on stupid.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Jordan jails man for 10 years over 'honour killing'

(AFP) – Dec 30, 2009

AMMAN — A Jordanian court sentenced a 61-year-old man to 10 years in prison on Wednesday after convicting him of killing his teenage daughter last year to "defend his honour," a judicial official said.

"In 2008, the 17-year-old girl was kidnapped and raped by a group of men, who are currently on trial," the official told AFP.

"But the father suspected that his daughter was involved in a sexual relationship with one of the men. He shot her dead before handing himself in to police, claiming he wanted to defend his honour."

The court initially jailed the father for 15 years, "but decided to reduce the sentence after the man's family urged leniency," he said, adding the murder took place in Ein Basha, outside Amman.'

Hmar el Urduni, you like how they put 'honour killing' around quotation marks? Are they not quoting the Jordanian man who killed his daughter?

10 years for murdering your daughter. Wow that's pretty good for Jordanian jarab! LOL

Anand said...

"And I still want to know why the Shia come to jordan for training and how it makes you feel. Did they teach them to stand in a straight line? And shoot straight? And I am not going to say it again, stop bending over, stand up straight and put your pants on stupid."

Don't worry, the Iraqi Army are better shots than the Jordanian army. If you Jordanians keep this up, you will be able to see a live demonstration of this.

Jordan trained a few lousy IP in 2003-2004 . . . yes we heard. Note that the Jordanian IP performed poorly. The new IP are a lot better than the Jordanian trained IP or the Jordanian police themselves.

Looks like Jordanian Zmal needs some learnin.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Queen Noor says 'honour crime' is inconsistent with Islam, Constitution

"Jordan's Queen Noor stated that honor killings are in opposition to the principles of Islam and the Jordanian Constitution, Jordan Times reported."

Jordan's Queen said that a decade ago, yet "honor killings" (or whatever hmar el urduni calls them) in Jordan still happen.

'Jordanian journalist Rana Husseini’s new book examines the charged issue of honor killings of women that occur in Jordan, Syria, Pakistan, and other countries. Murder in the Name of Honor chronicles many years of careful research and reporting carried out by Ms Husseini, who writes for the English-language Jordan Times, and has won numerous awards, including the Reebok Human Rights Award.'

Anand said...

Thanks for the info Mojo. No wonder Iraq is doing better than Jordan.

C.H. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
C.H. said...

Allow me to rephrase my comment by saying that its completely wrong and false to say that America is a "white supremacist" nation. The only people who actually ARE neo-nazis, kkk figures etc. tend to be on the side of James Von Brunn, the Holocaust museum shooter who died today.

Habis said...

Queen Noor? roflmao!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey stupid she is an Americant cunt who married an American puppet that nobody in jordan gives a shit about. Everytime I think you have reached your limit you come back and show me you can be even more stupid.

Now tell me about the jails in the US. I heard that non-white, non-catholic, black baptists and brown catholics are thrown in jail much more. Do you know anything about that stupid? Or are you gonna google some more. I also know for sure that black Americans and hispanic americans are not as anti muslim and anti arab as white protestants. That is a good thing. We should reach out to them I think. And I also feel the Roman Catholics are not as pro-war as the protestants so maybe we can work with them. If we can get hispanic priests and black preachers they can probably be the most helpful.

And I still want to know about the American doctors and psychiatrists who were inside the torture chambers with the american terrorists in abughraib and guantanamo.

Anand said...

Don't worry about America Habis. The Iraqis don't need American help to deal with the likes of you or your country Jordan.

Iraqi Mojo said...

It seems that Jordanian "men" are more willing to kill their daughters and sisters than kill the security forces who protect the King and Queen, for whom they care so little. LOL

C.H. said...

"If we can get hispanic priests and black preachers they can probably be the most helpful."

Why would you expect Christians to want anything to do with you while your Mujahideen mows them down outside Egyptian churches and blows them up in Mosul?

Boojum said...


The sad truth of the matter is that honour killings occur because most of the population prefers to look away.