Saturday, January 09, 2010

“We need someone like Saddam Hussein”

The correct response: "Someone who will get you into a war and make you all widows?"

A very interesting article about a Sunni Sheik from Ramadi who is trying to lead Iraq towards reconciliation:

But beneath the bluster is a compelling argument for an Iraqi identity that transcends sect and allows a man like Mr. Hais, a sheik from Iraq’s most ardently Sunni region, to join hands with parties led by some of the most dogmatic Shiite clergy.

“We’re actually working against sectarianism on the ground, not just through the beautiful words of our speeches,” he said. “The interests of our country require it.”

So far, his words and actions have prompted more outrage than reconsideration. Many in Anbar remain angry about a weeklong trip that Mr. Hais took in June to Iran, a country many Sunnis believe dominates the current government and poses a greater threat to Iraq’s interests than the United States. Since then, some neighbors have taken to calling Mr. Hais’s villa, along the Euphrates, “the Iranian house” or “Khomeini’s house.”

“Absolutely, he’s carrying out an Iranian agenda — without a doubt,” said Dhari al-Hadi, an adviser to Anbar’s governor and deputy of Ahmed Abu Risha, a leading tribal figure in the province. “You wouldn’t find anyone in Anbar who would dare go to Iran.”

MR. HAIS’S Shiite allies at times seem baffled by him, in an Iraqi version of culture shock. They respect his credentials in leading the fight against insurgents and feel confident he can win over enough of his tribe to capture a seat or two. But they are often taken aback by his freewheeling comments in the alliance’s meetings. At various times, he has promised to open bars in Ramadi, stop veiled women from entering Anbar University, break the legs of rival candidates and pursue Baathists in nightclubs in Syria.

“Crazy,” a Shiite colleague said on condition of anonymity, fearful of provoking him. “Then again, if you call someone crazy in Anbar, they consider it a compliment.”

For his part, Mr. Hais finds his new colleagues too reticent.

“They’re always calculating before they say a single word,” he complained.

Lately, though, Mr. Hais seems just as bewildered by his fellow Sunnis.

On a crisp winter day this week, he made his way to the Nineveh Elementary School for Girls in a hardscrabble neighborhood of Ramadi. Teachers there unleashed a torrent of complaints: trash-strewn streets, a lack of money for schools, and drinking water that mixed with sewage and, at times, blood running off from butcher shops.

Mr. Hais listened, slipped the principal an envelope with $1,000, then urged the teachers to organize demonstrations. “It’s up to you to change the reality,” he insisted.

Before long, a former army officer spoke up. “I want to speak frankly,” he said. “We hoped you wouldn’t abandon your province and join the alliance.” Others nodded. “We don’t want Shiites coming into Ramadi,” a woman shouted. “We don’t want Shiite places of worship here.”

More criticism ensued. “We need someone like Saddam Hussein,” a woman cried.

Someone who will get you into a war and make you all widows?” Mr. Hais asked, with a grimace that suggested he might want his money back.

“At least we’re fighting Iranians and defending our country,” she answered.

An hour later, the meeting ended uneasily. “They’re worn out,” Mr. Hais said, in explanation. But the anger seemed to run deeper, be more intractable.

“He’s a son of Ramadi,” one of the teachers said. “We respect him in that way.”

“But,” she added, “he’s made a mistake.”

With attitudes like that of the woman who said they need someone like Saddam, reconciliation will be difficult to achieve. But with more Iraqi politicians like Mr. Hais, who answered the woman correctly, maybe there is hope for Iraq.


Don Cox said...

An end to sectarianism would be good, but it is true that Iran is now the biggest external threat to Iraq.

It is hard to see how sectarianism can relax when Iraq has Saudi Arabia on one side and Iran on the other, both pushing hard for influence.

In the long run, the only hope is for a slow fading away of Islam. The fading of Christianity in Europe has ended the conflicts between Catholics and Protestants which cost so many lives over the centuries.

Anonymous said...

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Iraqi Mojo said...

In 1991, the US bombed the shit out of Iraq for 40 consecutive days and nights. I don't remember the 3arab jarab rushing to Iraq to kill the invaders and the 'traitors' who helped them!

"On 13 February 1991, two laser-guided smart bombs destroyed the Amiriyah blockhouse, which was a civilian air-raid shelter, killing hundreds of civilians. U.S. officials claimed that the blockhouse was also a military communications centre. Jeremy Bowen, a BBC correspondent, was one of the first television reporters on the scene. Bowen was given access to the site and did not find evidence of military use."

The Arab "resistance" did not launch suicide bombers to fight the American invaders in 1991? Why? Because the Americans left the Sunni dictator in charge of Iraq, sadly.

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The Arabs are the biggest hypocrites in the world, and many of them live in America. It is embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

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Iraqi Mojo said...

Yes the 3arab loved Saddam. They loved it when he lobbed missiles at Israel. a couple of old Israelis died of heart attacks. Saddam killed a few Israelis by scaring them into heart attacks, after he murdered tens of thousands of Iraqis in the 80s, and just weeks before he murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis of the Shia faith.

It is clear the 3arab don't care for the Iraqi people.

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Anonymous said...

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C.H. said...

"Did I miss anything?"

Churches and daycare centers, too. The former was effective because it convinced the world that "Christians had it good under Saddam".

You must also include the COUNTLESS mosque bombings too.

Iraqi Mojo said...

العرب منافقين

العرب جرب

Iraqi Mojo said...

Thanks C.H.

Mosque bombings in Iraq

Church bombings in Iraq

David All said...

The frank response by Mr. Hais about Saddam was great, but if he wants to get their votes he better do something before Election Day to get the streets and drinking water clean up. Giving envelopes with $1,000 dollars to local leaders is not going to get Mr. Hais elected without concrete achievements.

Hais promises among other things to "break the legs of rival candidates". Hmm, well if Mr. Hais is defeated, he can always immigrate to the USA, settle in New Jersey and go to work for the real life Sopranos or as my favorite line from Law & Order puts it, "the guys with bent noses whose names end in vowels, (pause) and I do not mean Shapiro!"

David All said...

About Arab reactions in 1991 in cheering Saddam when he lobbied SCUD missiles at Israel killing a handful of Israelis while supporting the US-led effort to drive Saddam's troops out of Kuwait; a very interesting post and discussion is at