Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The foolishness of the militant Salafi

The militant Salafi pretends to fight for Palestine, but what has the "resistance" done for Palestinians? Mubarak is currently cooperating with Israel in stopping weapons smuggling into Gaza, and Egypt has been accused of helping Israel strangle Gaza's economy. The militant Salafi response has not been to attack Egyptian security forces. Instead they kill some Egyptian Christians at a Church! How sad and embarrassing for Muslims.

Gunmen killed at least seven people in a drive-by shooting outside a church in southern Egypt as worshippers left a midnight Mass for Coptic Christmas on Thursday, the church bishop, security and hospital officials said.

The attack took place in the early morning hours in the town of Nag Hamadi in Qena province, about 40 miles from the famous ancient ruins of Luxor.

Bishop Kirollos of the Nag Hamadi Diocese, a hospital administrator and a local security official all said seven people were killed in the attack. The security official said three people were seriously wounded as well."

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Dolly said...

A favor for the jews is to create a regime in Iraq subservient to the U.S.

You may have noticed that most American supporters of Iraqi traitor blogs, are also pro-Zionist.

So they will make comments like: "Mojo, we agree with you that Sunnis should be butchered. But can you stop unjustly bashing Israel? It is the only democracy in the universe."

Why are you allied in Iraq to those who kill your brothers in Palestine and Lebanon?

Iraqi Mojo said...

Zionists have not mass murdered Iraqis. IF the "mujahideen" were truly fighting regimes that are subservient to the US, they would have sent suicide bombers in the hundreds to Riyadh, Doha, Dubai, Cairo, and Amman. But that has not happened. Instead the "mujahideen" are exported from these same jarab-infested capitals. The Arabs and evidently some non-Arab Muslims are the biggest hypocrites in the world.

"Today, Sunni-Shia divisions come in the form of a resurgent Iran pitted against a coalition of Sunni-Arab states, namely Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. Whether or not our leaders articulate it (or even understand it), in the eyes of our Sunni allies America's mission in Iraq has been to uphold a Shia-ruled, Iranian-aligned country with arguably the third largest reserves of oil in the world. To put it simply, many governments in the region would benefit from our mission's failure.

Over the years, thousands upon thousands of Sunni jihadists have streamed into Iraq from places such as Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Egypt. Making up a small minority of the Sunni insurgency, these foreign jihadists are nevertheless responsible for some of the most gruesome acts of violence, mass-casualty events aimed at stoking a chain reaction of sectarianism."

Aton said...

"A favor for the jews is to create a regime in Iraq subservient to the U.S.'

What a lunatic. That is the most ridicules conspiracy bullshit I ever heard. Dolly, if you really believe that, you are complete nut case.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Of course a few Sunni Arab states are not subservient to the US, like Libya and Syria. But imagine a Libyan crossing north Africa, going right past occupied Palestine, to end up in Iraq and kill "apostates" and "traitors". Amazing.

Damascus is a short drive from occupied Golan.

The Sunni Arabs seem much more inclined to kill Iraqis.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Creating a democratic regime in Iraq is a favor to Iraqis, mostly. It benefits Israel, sure, because there is no longer a tyrant who steals Iraq's resources while most Iraqis struggle to survive and rewards the families of Palestinian suicide bombers with $25,000 each. A democratic Iraq also benefits Kuwait and Iran, but it benefits most the Iraqis. Removing Saddam from power was a gift to humanity and should have happened in 1991.

C.H. said...

"A democratic Iraq also benefits Kuwait and Iran"

If by "Iran" you mean Iranians, yes. Khamenei and his puppet are clearly not benefiting from democratic neighbors, since their people are now demanding the same rights and an end to theocratic rule.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Good point, C.H. I don't think the ruling clerics in Iran are interested in true democracy. But the Iranian regime did benefit from the overthrow of Saddam, who hated the "fars".

C.H. said...

They did benefit from the removal of well as the removal of the Taliban. This is why its idiotic when Khamenei calls America "the great satan" and blames the CIA/Mossad for sunni extremist bombings in the southeast.

Nobody said...

I am sure you are going to love it

:D :D

Anonymous said...

Actually Mojo, if you study true Salafism you will notice that in its roots it was actually peaceful and its tenants forbid political involvement. The Salafists I originally knew were all about following on the footsteps of the "Salaf" in praying, fasting and all the rest of it. It is only later that the "Jihadi" part was thrown into the mix and now the "peaceful" Salafis are a dying breed. I am obviously talking about the Salafis I know from my time in Algeria where the Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is nothing but the ex-Salafists groups. Also, hundreds of these Salafists were recruited and went to Iraq to wage "Jihad" on the poor Iraqi people - i.e. slaughtering people, bombs etc. I was quite a strict Muslim before but after the propagation of these Salafists and I have seen how unwashed and violent this people are in Algeria, I just now hate religion alltogether. TFEH!

Anand said...

Thanks for your comments Algerian friends. You are right about Salafis. Many are genuinely good spiritual people who love God.

I feel that there is a lot that I and others here can learn from you.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Thank you, Anonymous Algerian.