Sunday, January 24, 2010

De-Baathification was supposed to be like de-Nazification

'The concept behind the de-Baathification decree was that the Baath Party had been one of the primary instruments of Saddam's control and tyranny over the Iraqi people for decades. Saddam Hussein himself openly acknowledged that he modeled the Baath Party on the Nazi Party because he admired the way in which Hitler was able to use the Nazi Party to control the German people. Just as in our occupation of Germany we had passed what were called "de-Nazification decrees" and prosecuted senior Nazi officials, the model for the de-Baathification was to look back at that de-Nazification. …' --L. Paul Bremer III

The view of Baathists has been tainted in most minds of Iraqi Shia and Kurds. If Saleh al Mutlaq is labelled a Baathist and if he speaks fondly of Saddam, then most Iraqis will agree that it is right to disqualify him.


Maury said...

What's the rationale for labeling the defense minister a Baathist? I wouldn't want Saddamites in the government if I were Iraqi either. But,500 candidates for office? It just don't sound right.

Habis said...

The Nazis are the Neo-Cons, Republicans, and the white, anglo, evangelicals who invaded Iraq and murdered over a million people. The Americans are the Nazis and you are just little bitch cheerleader.

"arabjarab...arabjarab....arabjarab...." lol.

Iraqi Mojo said...

This is a quote by Paul Bremmer, and it was published in an article by PBS. Americans elected a Democrat named Barack Hussein Obama. Americans are not Nazis. America liberated Iraq 12 years too late, and that may be my biggest gripe with America. It used to be unconditional US support for Israel. But then the Arabs showed they could inflict more death and destruction on Iraq than Israel can on Palestine. The 3arab jarab have shot themselves in the foot again, it seems.

It seems you have not completely assimilated into American society, Habis, except maybe your consumption of Starbucks & Subway. Are you a citizen?