Saturday, January 16, 2010

Maliki backs ban on Baathists

By Liz Sly, LA Times: 'Reporting from Baghdad - Prime Minister Nouri Maliki threw his support Saturday behind a decision to ban about 500 candidates from participating in Iraq's upcoming elections despite an outcry from the mostly Sunni and secular parties that are affected.

The decision by the Accountability and Justice Commission to bar the candidates has revived Sunni-Shiite sectarian tensions, called into question the Iraqi government's commitment to reconciliation and cast doubt over the likely inclusiveness of elections that U.S. officials are hoping will stabilize Iraq.

Maliki said in a statement that the commission's rulings must be respected "without exception" and cautioned against "the politicization" of a process intended to weed out former supporters of the outlawed Baath Party, which ruled Iraq under Saddam Hussein.'


Anonymous said...

His orders came from his masters. Slaves do not make decisions.

madtom said...

Interesting, could you identify those masters?

Dolly said...

I got this comment today on youtube:

Not at all. Iraq is not "shia run", it would better be described as "USA-puppet-run". The Iraqi gov't is
not run according to Shia Islam fiqh, if it was there wouldn't be so much internal conflict.

Okay, so he is apparently saying that Urine al-Maliki is a U.S. puppet. So that is 2 people thus far calling him a stooge on this page.

madtom said...

But I thought I was Iran that gained influence after the war? The Shi'a crescent. Can't be both, right?