Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Have neo-Baathist candidates been complicit in terrorism?

"The security and the welfare of grief-stricken Iraqi people stand above any short-term personal or factional political gains. In the run-up to parliamentary election campaigns the hopefuls should seriously avoid beating the drums of sectarian or ethnic differences.

In a budding democracy like Iraq, where the tolerance level is not that high yet, any miscalculated move or statement by political aspirants may cost the country dearly.

Competition among rival groups is a normal thing and necessary for the promotion of democratic values in any society but the candidates should not turn competition into an open confrontation.

But, unfortunately, according to investigative reports, certain local Iraqi groups and individuals, who are mostly the remnants of the Baathist regime, have been complying with terrorists to wreak havoc in the country in order to prove the current Iraqi government as inefficient.

Likewise, certain Arab countries, who have also been fearful of a rising democracy in the Arab world, have been fanning the sectarian-flame in Iraq since the Saddam regime was thrown into the dustbin of history."

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