Monday, January 25, 2010

Saddam's was a Sunni-led regime

And today's Iraqi government is Shia-led. I still see Arabs complaining about the "sectarianism" in my comments. They don't like it when I point out that Saddam's regime was Sunni-led, or when I discuss the history of conflict between Sunna and Shia. I still see idiots praising Saddam.

Al-Majid was one of the last high-profile members of the former Sunni-led regime still on trial in Iraq. His conviction and sentencing on Jan. 17 was his fourth death sentence.

...Al-Majid, was Saddam's "hatchet man," Kenneth Roth, head of Human Rights Watch in New York, remarked when the general was touring Arab capitals seeking support two months before the 2003 U.S.-led invasion. "He has been involved in some of Iraq's worst crimes, including genocide and crimes against humanity."

Hazem al-Youssefi, a representative of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, once described al-Majid as a standout in a regime of criminals.

Iraq was held hostage by Saddam and his henchmen, who committed unimaginable crimes for decades without much complaint from our Arab "brothers and sisters". The Sunni Arab nation and "Ummah" unleashed their anger in the forms of suicide bombers and mujahideen only after Saddam's Sunni-led regime was toppled and put on trial for crimes against humanity. The Sunni Arabs in general were angered by America's actions only after America did the right thing and chased down Saddam and his gang of thieves and murderers and put them on trial. Oh and the Arabs were also angered by American abuse at Abu Ghraib after decades of torture and murder at Iraqi prisons before 2003.


Anonymous said...

you do nothing but lie, kiss ass and bend over. everyone laughs at you. you've got zero personality, zero credibility and best no one believes the shit you write. you're like a rabid dog barking alone, a puerile little sectarian shia tyrant, a small fascist, a tiny short you and your blog are nothing but iraqi american garbage.

Iraqi Mojo said...

And you are the Ba3thi who fled to Europe after his hero, the mass murderer of Iraqis, was overthrown and put on trial. You lost power, miskeen, and took your riches and fled to Europe. It must be nice. Before 2003, most Iraqis were held hostage and could not flee.

C.H. said...

Mojo, its almost like these Baathist creatures that have trolled on your blog over the years are regrouping together for a final stand...only this time they have nothing to add to the discussion.

There was a time when they could actually get a debate going, but that's long past. The comment above is just embarrassing.

Habis said...

Anonymous you are right. This stupid piece of trash only has the Zionists, the Neo-Cons, and the traitors on his side. Nobody else left. And they are not even on the same side since he is not important at all. He is just a cheerleader.

Habis said...

"Starbucks....sunnis....arabjarab...arabs are slime...i love america...american invasions are liberation....kill arabs....sunni that...i love america...arabs are slime...starbucks...uday...uday..uday...honor killings...memri is great...."

I would like to wish my Christian and Jewish friends a happy holiday season. And I am opposed to tyrants and murder unless they are white tyrants and murderers who kill Sunni Arabs.