Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blackwater's Youngest Victim

I am impressed by Jeremy Scahill's efforts to document the details of the Nisour Square massacre and other crimes committed by private security contractors. Thanks NARCELX for posting.

'Mohammed had just pulled away from his family's home in the Khadamiya neighborhood in his SUV. His youngest son, 9-year-old Ali, came tearing down the road after him, asking his father if he could accompany him. Mohammed told him to run along and play with his brothers and sister. But Ali, an energetic and determined kid, insisted. Mohammed gave in, and off the father and son went.

As Mohammed and Ali drove through Baghdad that hot and sunny Sunday, they passed a newly rebuilt park downtown. Ali gazed at the park and then turned to his father and asked, "Daddy, when are you gonna bring us here?"

"Next week," Mohammed replied. "If God wills it, son."

Ali would never visit that park. Within a few hours, he would be dead from a gunshot wound to the head. While you may have never heard his name, you probably know something about how Ali Mohammed Hafedh Kinani died. He was the youngest person killed by Blackwater forces in the infamous Nisour Square massacre.' --JEREMY SCAHILL, The Nation


Anonymous said...

Stupid thinks he is responsible for something. roflmao.


David All said...

Thanks Mojo for this post and linking to Scahill's fine article about Mohammed Kinani and his son, Ali. I hope that Mohammed's suit against Blackwater and their gunmen succeeds.

Latest development in Blackwater case.
"AP: Feds Probing Alleged Blackwater Bribe: DOJ investigating whether security firm tried to bribe Iraqi officials after fatal shooting involving guards, source says" at