Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Arabs and "Ummah" never cared about Iraqis

The more I read other Arabs' and Muslims' comments praising "resistance" and condemning "occupation" and "traitors" the more I wonder if they really care about Iraqis. It also compels me to think about the history of Iraq and the Middle East and I want to learn more. In a comment, a self-proclaimed Muslim told me "The target is the occupation, and whoever aligns with them. If zero Iraqis ally with them, then zero Iraqis are the target. If 12 million Iraqis ally with them, then 12 million Iraqis are target. This is completely up to them."

Also she said "The first time I ever heard of Saddam Hussein was in 1990. Iraqi internal goings-on are a separate matter from this Crusade today."

I responded:

Meanwhile in the House of Islam, Saudis and other khaleeji jarab have been aligning themselves with Americans since 1973. The mentally handicapped "Ummah" mass murders Iraqis as Muslims drink lattes at Starbucks in Mecca and as Americans plan their "crusade" from their HQ in Doha, Qatar.

Saddam's crimes of the 80s and 90s are separate from today's "Crusade" but I remind people of the history of Saddam's crimes to show that the Arabs and 'Ummah' did not care about the mass murder of Iraqis back then. They didn't care about how many bombs the Crusaders dropped on Iraq in 1991. They cared only about Sunni domination.

The hypocrisy is incredible. At least to me it is.

The Shia now have control of Iraq, and that is what the 3arab jarab got truly pissed about. The retarded Arabs and "Ummah" have never cared about Iraqis.

I should have added that zero American soldiers died in combat in Iraq last month. Most victims of bombings have been Iraqi civilians, and most of them have nothing to do with politics or "occupation".


Habis said...

Stupid strikes again. Stupid why do you keep calling Arabs hypocrites? Do you know how stupid it makes you sound. Arabs have always been consistent. They always opposed foreign wars on their homeland including on Iraq back in 91. You are stupid for not knowing that. And you are even more stupid if you come back and tell us they did not come fight in Iraq because as even a stupid like you should know Iraq was not permanently occupied back in 91 and there was no US terrorist army to fight, the state was not occupied and torn apart stupid. Stop being stupid. Try to think even if you find it difficult.

You are a hypocrite. You are a cheerleader for war. You support tyrants like Bush and Blair stupid. You support the traitors. You support the murderers. You are sick. You are diseased. You need help.

Iraqi Mojo said...

But the Arabs did not send hundreds of suicide bombers to fight the invaders in 1991, stupid.

Anonymous said...

Stupid back in 91 I was still in Jordan and we were all in the streets protesting the US terrorist war on Iraq and supporting the Iraqi people, its army, and resistance. I remember it well. We had several chants I recall

ya sadddam gewd gewd
w id3as 3ala al-saud

ya saddam seer seer
w id3as ala ras al-amir

ya saddam ya habib
uthrub uthrub tel abeeb

I will translate for you since you do not speak Arabic stupid.

Sadddam Saddam You can Lead
And stomp on the Family of Al-Saud

Saddam Saddam take the lead
And stomp the head of the Emir

Saddam our loved one
bomb bomb Tel Aviv.

So you see stupid we always supported Iraq and Saddam Hussein. We supported him in 91, in 2003, and later when he became an underground resistance fighter and he never let us down. Even in death he redeemed our faith in him and showed us how right we were. In the future we will keep supporting all Arab resistance for foreign occupation. Always. We will fight for a thousand years and every arab resistance fighter will have our support and every traitor will have nothing but contempt. And American cheerleaders for war like you will have only our laughs. You are stupid dude. Go get an education you filthy son of a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Stupid read my first comment here closely and then read what you wrote. If you do not feel stupid keep reading it until you do. lol.

Iraqi Mojo said...

You praised Saddam from Jordan in 1991 as America bombed the shit out of Iraq, and then you came to America? And you're calling ME stupid?

Anonymous said...

Yes I am calling you stupid and you just proved it again. You are very stupid. phoneyid called you a cheerleader for war and he was right you are a stupid cheerleader for war. Not everyone is a cheerleader for war stupid. I did not go to Starbucks today. Maybe later.

Iraqi Mojo said...

It's clear to me the Jordanians and other 3arab jarab reacted very differently to the 1991 war than they've reacted to this war. It is clear to me the Arabs "resisted" invasion and "occupation" only after their hero, the mass murderer of Iraqis, was overthrown. The Arabs have fought democracy in Iraq much much harder than they've fight their dictators that they supposedly hate so much. The Arabs have never cared about Iraqis. They only cared about Saddam. The Arabs care only for Sunni domination in Iraq. It is clear to me. Obviously it's not clear to the Arabs, who seem to be living in a different universe.

The idiots in Jordan praised Saddam in 1991, praised the resistance that was supposed to fight America and its allies in 1991, and then the idiot moved to America, and now he calls me stupid. The resistance-loving Arab mind is in perpetual fantasy.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"Sadddam Saddam You can Lead
And stomp on the Family of Al-Saud

Saddam Saddam take the lead
And stomp the head of the Emir

Saddam our loved one
bomb bomb Tel Aviv."

Yes I remember the hundreds of Jordanians in 1991 who volunteered to go fight the Americans and Saudis and blow themselves up among the "traitors and infidels". I remember how the Jordanian 3arab jarab bombed markets and police stations in KSA throughout the 90s for hosting US troops.

Yes, WELCOME to Fantasy Jazeera, where all your dreams come true! The fantasies of every resistance-minded Arab will be realized at Fantasy Jazeera.

Yes I remember how Saddam nearly liberated Palestine in 1991, when he launched missiles into Tel Aviv and causing a few old Jews to have heart attacks. We came SO CLOSE to liberating our Falastini brothers and sisters.

Yes, when I dream of the history of brave Arab resistance I remember how our Jordanian brothers rushed to Iraq in 1991 to defend all the Iraqis. I remember when the Arabs condemned the Saudi cleric who issued the fatwa that permitted infidel troops to enter the House of Islam, and I remember how Arabs from Morocco to Salt to Yemen to Qatar all met in Damascus and Amman. I remember how the mujahideen confronted the kuffar, the agents of the Crusaders. I remember when the Arab resistance killed thousands upon thousands of Crusader soldiers. The brave mujahideen who fought and died in 1991 are surely looking down and smiling upon you, Habis, for you are the online mujahid, a part of today's brave and non-sectarian defender of Iraqis!

So how is it then, after all this resistance, that Starbucks was able to open so many Starbucks in the Arabian peninsula? Why did so many Arabs move to America after America bombed Iraq? Down with the ZOG of America, but let's go to America to enrich ourselves before it goes down? Is that why you came to America after America bombed Iraq in 1991?

Allahu Akbar!

Anonymous said...

Stupid are you trying to be cute? Do you realize how silly you sound. Are you tryint to sound clever? What a joke. "it is clear to me...?" Are you kidding me. Clear? Clear?! There is nothing clear to you. You are a stupid fuck, a completely stupid fuck! You have no knowledge of the Arab world, whether it is the fatwas, the political positions, the public opinions, the governments policies, and the reaction to all that. Nothing. Zero. Nada. You know nothing. Yu are stupid. You are reading from a script written by memri and the Neo-Cons. You are a very stupid stupid person, very very shallow and superficial. And you have no clue that the Iraqi people think or say or believe. You do not live there and do not speak Arabic. You live in San Francisco and go to memri websites for information. That is why you are stupid maybe. You are funny stupid. I really liked your last post stupid. You were trying to sound insightful and analytical. That was good. Do it again for us. lol.

Anonymous said...

"saddam....honor killings...starbucks...arabjarab...i love america....invasion is liberation...occupation is democracy...resistance is terrorism....arabjarab...honor killings...i love america...i love america...honor killings...arabjarab...saddam...honor killings..."

Anonymous said...

On several occasions you've mentioned that Arabs don't care about Iraqis. Why do you make Iraq sound like a red headed step child of the Middle East? It's just as part of the union since the beginning of time. I was raised to believe that Iraq was one of the super powers of the Arab world until a non-Arab friend corrected me four years ago by clarifying that some Iraqis do not like to be categorized as 'Arabs' when they prefer their own identity. Is that the case with you?
A lot of Arabs that I know infact do care and they are presently working with victims of the war, I know so since I've also assisted victims as well. Majority of the relief crew that I crossed paths with were non Iraqi Arabs helping whom? Iraqis ofcourse.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I make Iraq sound like a red headed step child of the ME? Is that what I'm doing? LOL

What's wrong with read headed step children?

Iraq is unique in the Arab world in many ways, but it is not a "red headed step child" of the ME. Iraq has great potential. Iraq's oil reserves may rival that of KSA and Iran. Maybe that is why Iraq's neighbors have put so much effort into destroying Iraq - because they don't want Iraq's oil to compete with theirs. Or maybe they don't want a democratically elected Iraq to influence them and their backward ways. Or maybe the 3arab jarab just want to see Iraqis living under the Sunni boot of tyranny.

I don't know. Why did the Arabs send thousands of fighters to Iraq? Why did the "mujahideen" mass murder Iraqis? It seems to me they loved Saddam more than they loved the Iraqi people. The Arabs and Ummah reacted very differently to the 1991 war. Why is that, Shai? Do you wonder?

I know there are many good Arabs who genuinely care for Iraqis. There's a Palestinian aid organization in the bay area that has brought Iraqi children wounded in the war to America and paid for their treatment and expenses. That's very nice of them to do. God bless the Arabs who genuinely care for all Iraqis. But the Arabs in general, from my perspective, have been enemies of Iraqis. They praise "resistance" as the resistance bombs Iraqi women and kids. They buy Starbucks in Mecca after their "mujahideen" bombed Iraqi youth in Baghdad cafes. And Habis makes fun of it. Am I supposed to ignore the incredible hypocrisy? Am I supposed to pretend that Americans bombed those Iraqi cafes, markets, universities, bus stations, bakeries, police stations, government ministries? Are the Arabs and Muslims of the world that stupid? It is clear they cared more about Saddam than Iraqis, and that makes me sick.

Anand said...

Shai's Window, you have a nice blog but no comment section.

Unfortunately, millions of non Iraqi Sunni Arabs backed Saddam when he mass murdered many hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. The Arabs have still not apologized to the Iraqi people for backing this genocide--that took place over decades.

Shai's widow, why do you think this is? Is it anti Shiite anti Kurdish bigotry gone amok?

Why did non Iraqi Sunni Arabs refuse to recognize the elected legitimate Iraqi government for so long (only really recognized them in 2008; after Iraq defeated them in battle)? Why did non Iraqi Sunni Arabs try to murder the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police for so many years?

Shai's Window, while non Iraqi Sunni Arabs might have hated the Iraqi Army--accusing them of being Jewish collaborators etc.--the Iraqi Army was popular among Iraqis.

Why do non Iraqi Sunni Arabs mistreat Iraqis so badly?

For that matter, why are Shiites around the world, including in Pakistan, treated so badly.

The only countries that treat their Shiites well [Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan] are mistreated by extremist Sunnis.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I should have added to this: 'It is clear to me the Arabs "resisted" invasion and "occupation" only after their hero, the mass murderer of Iraqis, was overthrown.'

only after their hero was overthrown and after it became clear the Americans were determined to install a democratically ruled Iraq, or as close to one as possible. It is an incredible effort, to help Iraqis stand up and defend themselves and rebuild their country after three decades of war, tyranny, poverty, and ruin. The Arabs and "Ummah" responded with 1,700 suicide bombings, 12 times as many as in Israel. It all makes me very ashamed of my Arab and Muslim "brethren". It makes me very sad.

Freeq said...


Because Sunni Arabs hate the US and if anyone gives the finger to the US (even if he is a genocidal maniac), he is a good guy.

One day the Sunni Arabs will love all Arabs more than they hate their enemy.

Anonymous said...

From your tone, it appears you are defending red headed women rather than step children. Your next question will be
"Whats wrong with red headed women?"
There's nothing wrong with being a step child, only at times they fight harder to be granted the same attention and resources to excel as in this case being democracy.

I can't speak on behalf of Habis and his rant on starbucks though your presentation on starbucks was worthwhile. I was exposed to the truths of Starbucks nine years ago by learning from business developers that Starbucks wasn't doing well in the Middle East and so few shops were closed down before they would be bombed by fundamentalists. The Arabs aren't the hypocrites, it's more so the Muslims overall that are the hypocrites. The case of Starbucks is a complex political and religious issue that is partially rooted to Palestine and countries competing for U.S's funding. It's more important to observe a person's actions than words, since many people can spew the words but rarely turn the thought come into reality. I have crossed paths with few individuals who would refuse to enter a starbucks with me or even pay for my drink because I was being a bad muslim. I attended a predominantly Jewish institution and they had their share of starbucks in every major building. To appease the Muslim population, they kept Pepsi and Aquafina vending machines but no Coke and Dasani. Coke is just like Starbucks and Estee Lauder along with a LONG list of products whose profits contribute to Israel's occupation. It is impossible to not cross paths with any of these products while some try their best to remain respectful, i.e. I have seen Shias out of respect remove their belts while praying just to to be safe incase the belt is made of a controversial ingredient that is banned. Some try to be respectful but majority of people don't and that is OK--as long as their not pointing fingers. From my experiences, majority of Muslims (and people in general) who preach, turn out to be the biggest hypocrites 'every' time. Only preachers should remember not to poop where they eat because they are guilty to a degree too.

Anonymous said...

As for Shias in Pakistan:
Yes, I do agree they are stripped of their humanitarian rights and this conflict has existed since the beginning of Pakistan's existence. Pakistani Sunnis do not acknowledge half of the peripheral religious practices that Shias have instituted in Pakistan because it is based off personal belief and culture when not the word of God. Majority of Shias are migrants in Pakistan coming from Iraq, Iran, Europe and Africa over 300 years ago thus not everyone recognizes them as purely Pakistanis. These differences are magnified by village born Mullahs who lack formal academic credentials thus solely relying on the literal interpretations of the Quran. These mullahs do not know what compromise is, they believe that Sunnah is the way of life when in fact the Quran was created as a form of poetic art that is meant to be understood on figurative terms. Are Mullahs that worldly to understand that? No. It is not only the Shias that fight hard to be heard but this also includes Ahmadis in Pakistan. Ahmadis are a Muslim sect in Pakistan that are not acknowledged in the country's constitution because they are considered non-Muslims. I do not believe the initial constitution stated that until ammendments were made following parliamentary votes. Sectarianism was not openly acknowledged or enforced until Pakistan started interacting with other Muslim nations in political and economic activities. It is not a shock to learn that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have been on good terms for quite a long time and unfortunately Saudi's money funds many militant groups with Wahhabi roots. At the same time the devout Pakistani Muslims celebrate receiving their visas very 'easily' from Saudi for their hajj pilgrimages. Outside influences have torn Pakistan into pieces and at times I do believe large theocracies like Saudi have largely contributed to Pakistan's downfall regardless of how many high profile officials will be granted asylum in Saudi after Pakistan collapses for good.
Why are Shias treated badly in Pakistan? In today's age I feel the Sunnis and its global counterparts fear Shias taking control in the political realm. As a human response they retaliate by destroying all of the Shia resources including well known leaders that are supposedly communicating heresy on religious levels. I will say 95% of Shias that I've encountered are peaceful Shias while the latter act out their religious beliefs in extremes, just like few Sunni groups that paint an awful reputation for their entire sect.
Sunnis have abused Shias for hundreds of years and putting it bluntly....Sunnis are afraid of their karma.
What will happen when the victims turn into abusers and abusers turn into victims? I don't believe the size of these sects necessarily dictate who will win this ongoing battle. It's a similar reaction to when President Obama won his Presidency--100% white Americans were uncomfortable with this fact because they 'feared' that the country will start enduring what white men have imposed upon black men...shear abuse, over and over again. Was that the case? I think not.
Am I surprised by the Shia uprising? No. It was apt to occur sooner or later. People can either continue living in denial or start making some effort towards a worthwhile dialogue in Pakistan. At the same time, I do not speak on behalf of anyone but myself.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"Sunnis have abused Shias for hundreds of years and putting it bluntly....Sunnis are afraid of their karma."

They are afraid of their karma?

Iraqi Mojo said...

I don't think the Baathists are afraid of karma.

Anand said...

Thanks for your very thoughtful and informative comments Shai's Window. I hope you stick around here and allow us to keep learning from you. :-)

Thank you for acknowledging the mistreatment of Shia in Pakistan. Unfortunately this is not a new phenomenon. The Seljik Turk, "Mongol", Moghul emperor Aurangzeb many Shiites to convert to Sunni Islam or be beheaded. Many Shiites converted under duress, while others chose to leave this world (hopefully while filling their hearts and minds with Allah at their moment of passing.)

This is the same Emperor Aurangzeb that ruled most of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan until the early 1700s.

The Arabs probably treat Shiites even worse than Pakistanis do; if that is even possible.

In my view that unless anti Shiite, anti Sufi, anti Ahmadi Takfiri extremists are dealt with, there will always be attacks against nonmuslims by these same Takfiris. The root of this extremism is bigotry toward "lesser muslims." But this is what I think, and many disagree with me.