Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ISF prevent mayhem

"A wide-ranging plot to bomb government ministries and other public places, to be followed by a wave of political assassinations, was uncovered by Iraqi officials, who responded Tuesday by bringing much of the capital to a virtual standstill while security forces conducted raids that netted large quantities of explosives, officials said.

At least 4 suicide car bombers — and as many as 10 — were apparently on their way to government buildings Tuesday morning when they were stopped by the police and arrested, the authorities said.

During raids on homes and warehouses in Baghdad that began in the early morning and lasted throughout the day, the authorities arrested 25 people and recovered more than 440 pounds each of TNT and C4, about 66 gallons of ammonium nitrate solution and 60 mortar shells, according to a statement from Maj. Gen. Qassim Atta, spokesman for Baghdad Operations Command, which is responsible for security in the capital.

Even by Iraq’s violent standards in recent years — in which mammoth explosions have become a possibility of everyday life in the capital — the plot unveiled by the Iraqi government Tuesday would have been devastating if carried out."


C.H. said...

HUMANITY thanks you, Iraqi Army! Good job.

David All said...

Good job, ISF.
I hope they got all the terrorists and their bombs.