Tuesday, January 12, 2010

US helps Iraq prevent terrorism

Much to the chagrin of the resistance-minded people of the world, America is helping Iraq to defeat the "resistance" that has murdered mostly Iraqi civilians, including women and children. I cheer the Iraqi Army and the American advisors who helped them. A big CHEERS to Iraq and America for preventing the terrorists, who have long entered Iraq via Syria, from mass murdering Iraqis today.

When Baghdadis awoke Tuesday to find their streets sealed off and the Iraqi capital under virtual lockdown, the rumors began to fly. Army officers had staged a coup in the Green Zone, one version said. No, members of the Baath party loyal to the former regime had taken over, according to another.

At midday, officials appeared on television to try to calm the city. "The security forces can't stage a coup. Our security forces are professional," military spokesman Mohammed Askari told a news conference. "The era of coups is gone."

Rather, he said, the government had ordered the lockdown to foil a major plot involving car bombings and suicide attacks against civilian and government targets.

In a later statement, security forces said they had detained 25 people and confiscated 440 pounds of TNT, 440 pounds of C4 explosives, more than 65 gallons of ammonium nitrate and 60 mortar rounds.

There may well have been such a plot: Parliamentarians were told by the authorities that the Iraqis had received a tipoff from the U.S. military that around six booby-trapped cars had arrived in Baghdad from the Syrian border area, and were to be used to target sites such as government ministries, Kurdish lawmaker Mahmoud Othman said.


Mahmoud said...

It's good that the US is doing this. As a Palestinian, it's sad when I hear some Palestinians refer to Al Qaeda as agents of "resistance". They are a bunch of mass murderers like Saddam was. Although, I opposed the Iraq War in the beginning because the US had fucked up a lot in the Middle East.

Anand said...

Mahmoud, thank you for your empathy for Iraqis. I wished more non Iraqi Sunni Arabs understood what you understand.

Like you I opposed the US invading Iraq in March, 2003. My views on this haven't changed. I agree with you that "the US had fucked up a lot in the Middle East."

However, I always thought Saddam was one of the most evil human beings ever born; and wanted the pre 3.2003 Iraqi resistance to defeat Saddam and his good for nothing worthless sons.

I also believed and still believe that the Iraqi Government and its Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police were the "GOOD GUYS" while the post 2003 "resistance" were the bad guys.

It is so sad that millions of non Iraqi Sunni Arabs jumped up and down like Baboons in celebration when they use to hear about successful resistance attacks that killed members of the Iraqi government, Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police.

Mahmoud, what was wrong with them? Was it mental illness?

I wish Habis were an abberation in the non Iraqi Sunni Arab world. Unfortunately, there are many millions who believe as he believes. What can be done about these dangerous people?

Why do so many of them "LOVE" Saddam? Not just Sunni Arabs. Many Indian muslims also love him.

Don't they understand that under Saddam Iraq was a concentration camp on top of a mass grave that Saddam kept filling with new Iraqi corpses?

Iraqi Mojo said...

Thank you Mahmoud for acknowledging that Saddam and Al Qaeda were mass murderers.