Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kuwait fears violence could spread

Probably Kuwait wants the US to stay in Iraq as long as possible.

'Kuwait fears a rise in militant attacks and sectarian tensions in Iraq could cause a new security threat for the Gulf Arab oil producer, a minister said in remarks published on Sunday.

The sectarian bloodshed unleashed by the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq has largely abated but U.S. and Shi'ite-dominated Iraqi authorities expect attacks by Sunni militants to increase ahead of key parliamentary elections in March.

Large-scale bombings killed dozens this month across Iraq, which Baghdad blamed on al Qaeda militants and elements of former leader Saddam Hussein's outlawed Baath party.

"I'm worried about the collapse of the security system in Iraq, which could drive many Iraqis to seek refuge in Kuwait," Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammad al-Salem al-Sabah told al-Qabas daily.

"I am worried about ... a sectarian conflict that would spread to Kuwait ... I'm worried that conflicts, terrorism and al Qaeda groups could spread to Kuwait," he said.

Kuwait, which is almost one-third Shi'ite, waged a largely successful campaign to stamp out violence by Islamist militants after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on U.S. cities and Iraq war.

Last year, Kuwait said it had foiled an al Qaeda-linked plan to bomb a U.S. army camp and an oil refinery in the OPEC oil exporting state.

Relations between Iraq and Kuwait became tense last year because of a dispute over billion of dollars Baghdad owes to Kuwait in reparations for 1990-91 occupation of the small state in the era of Saddam Hussein.'

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C.H. said...

What year was this written? Its hard to believe its from 2010...there have been no large scale suicide/truck bombs this month, as far as I know.

Sounds like Reuters is itching for it to happen though.


Anonymous said...

the lil' shit dog yapping for his masters, iraqi mojo, the cheap clown.

Iraqi Mojo said...

The Kuwaitis are the ones yapping, it seems. The "resistance" has killed far more Iraqis than Kuwaitis. That is reality. The 3arab jarab in America are the biggest hypocrites on earth.

'The US-Kuwaiti partnership reached dramatic new levels of cooperation after the Iraqi invasion. The United States assumed a leading role in the implementation of Operation Desert Shield. The United States led the UN Security Council to demand Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait and authorize the use of force, if necessary, to remove Iraqi forces from the occupied country. The United States played a major role in the evolution of Desert Shield into Desert Storm, the multinational military operation to liberate the State of Kuwait.

Eventually, the US provided the bulk of the troops and equipment that were used by the multinational coalition that liberated Kuwait. The US-Kuwaiti relationship has remained strong in the post-war period.

The United States has provided military and defense technical assistance to Kuwait from both foreign military sales (FMS) and commercial sources. All transactions have been made by direct cash sale. The US Office of Military Cooperation in Kuwait is attached to the American Embassy and manages the FMS program. US military sales to Kuwait total $5.5 billion over the last 10 years. Principal US military systems currently purchased by the Kuwait Defense Forces are Patriot missile system, F-18 Hornet fighters, and the M1A2 Main Battle Tank.

The Army component of US Central Command (USCENTCOM), US Army Forces Central Command (ARCENT), maintains a forward presence in the region. Government-to-government agreements were negotiated with the Qatar and Kuwait to allow the prepositioning of military assets. The Army has met major milestones in its security strategy in the Middle East by completing a prepositioning facility in Qatar, and by the rapid pace of construction on a new installation in Kuwait. These facilities support USCENTCOM's efforts to protect US interests in this region in accordance with the National Security Strategy. US forces use these facilities under a variety of agreements, which include host nation involvement with providing and managing the facilities.'

Iraqi Mojo said...

"Camp Arifjan is a new $200 million state-of-the-art facility built courtesy of the Kuwaiti government. This new army base has literally risen out of the sand. The base will provide permanent support facilities for American troops in Kuwait, replacing temporary facilities that have been used since the Gulf War."

madtom said...

Kuwait, U.S. armed forces start joint military maneuver

Here's another one. Kuwait sure is jittery about something. I keep thinking that its connected to the crisis in Yemen. People blame the shi'a in Iran, but what about the Shi'a in Iraq, could they be waging war in Yemen to pressure the Saudis to allow the big oil to start work in Iraq. Iraq could challenge Saudi in production in a few years of stability and improvement