Monday, January 11, 2010

ISF arrest recruiter of female suicide bombers

"Iraqi Security Forces arrested two wanted al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) terrorist-group members today during two joint security operations conducted in Baghdad and northern Iraq.

Both security operations were conducted based on warrants issued by Iraqi courts.

In northwest Baghdad, ISF and U.S. advisors searched a residential building for a suspected female terrorist who is believed to be actively recruiting female suicide bombers for use in high profile, AQI-sponsored attacks against government officials and innocent civilians.

Based on preliminary questioning and evidence found on the premises, ISF identified and arrested the wanted female terrorist and a suspected AQI associate without incident.

During a second security operation conducted in Esaiwid, located northeast of Baghdad, the 3rd Emergency Response Unit and U.S. advisors searched two buildings for a member of a Kirkuk-based improvised explosive device cell, who provides safe haven to cell leaders who are running from ISF.

Information and evidence collected at the scene led the 3rd ERU to identify and arrest the warranted AQI member without incident."

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