Friday, January 15, 2010

Iraqi court sentences to death 11 for Aug. 19 bombings

"An Iraqi court Thursday sentenced 11 people to death by hanging after convicting them of carrying out the August bombings of two government ministries that killed more than 100 people in the heart of Baghdad.

Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council spokesman Abdul-Sattar Bayrkdar said a court found the 11 defendants guilty of financing, planning and participating in the Aug. 19 bombings, which devastated the Foreign and Finance ministries.

Those bombings and two more massive attacks since have shaken Iraqis' confidence in Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who has staked his political reputation on keeping Iraq safe as he seeks to secure a second term. The convictions were announced less than two months before a nationwide parliamentary election.

Authorities said the defendants had links to al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein's outlawed Baath Party."


Habis said...

Hey stupid, I did not know you already had a nickname. On the Palestinian Pundit they know you as bow wow. What do you prefer stupid? or bow wow? I will tell you what. Just respond to both until I decide which one I like more. I have to admit bow wow is pretty good and I am leaning that way. bow wow? roflmao.

Jeffrey said...


Mojo has been doing this for a long time. Guys like you have come and gone. Mojo has always prevailed because he's both passionate about Iraqi issues and hard-headed about the realities on the ground. You offer nothing to the debates. You'll fade away like the rest.


Don Cox said...

I can never understand why some people think calling a person a dog is an insult. Dogs always seem to be honest, well-meaning animals, loyal to their friends and anxious to do good.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Dogs are currently being used to search for survivors under the rubble in Haiti while the "resistance" and "mujahideen" try to figure out how to bomb markets and police stations in Iraq.

Dolly said...

Because dogs are an unclean animal from hell, so of course Satanic minions will be fond of them.
The Abu Ghrayb scandal comes to mind as an example of cooperation between dogs, Americans and Shi'ites (in no particular order).

Aton said...

"dogs are an unclean animal from hell"

ha, ha. Fucking hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Not the first to give their lives for their freedom and they will not be the last. Millions are waiting to join them at the gallows. Saddam set the standard and we will all follow. Death or freedom. No other option is acceptable.

Aton said...

Anon, did you say "Freedom;" by your estimation that is what Ba'athist and Jarab cockroaches are fighting for? What is “freedom” Jarab? Gassing your own population? Is Murder, tyranny and oppression your definition of “freedom”? What is the 3arab Jarab definition of “freedom”?