Thursday, January 07, 2010

Saddam Street in Jordan

Jordan, the home of Zarqawi and the deranged Sons of Salt, once again proves to the world how much they love Iraqis.

Naming a street after former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in a city in Jordan has sparked an outrage in Baghdad and drawn sharp criticism from officials in Kuwait.

A volley of condemnations followed a day after Jordanian authorities named a street "Saddam" in the Western city of al-Karak.

Iraqi lawmakers and politicians condemned the move as "inciting sedition" against the Iraqi nation. The Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq also censured the naming and called for a restraint of Iraq's ties with Jordan.

An official for Kuwait's Foreign Ministry also asked Jordanian officials to explain the naming of a street after the Baathist dictator.'

I would laugh if Jordan had not exported so many "mujahideen" to kill Americans and mass murder Iraqis for overthrowing Saddam, their hero, and establishing a democracy.

Thanks Nobody for posting the link!


Habis said...

Hey stupid why do you keep telling me I am in Southern California? Sure I am I told you that before stupid, but what difference does it make? Who cares where I live stupid? Where do you live stupid? You are probably also in California. So what? What is the piont stupid? Why do you always run away from reality?

and btw stupid there are many more streets and parks in Jordan named after the legendary Arab Saddam Hussein. We are proud of naming our streets and monuments after Saddam Hussein. If the Hashemites were not traitors and American collaborators like your heros of the Shia militias we would build statues for him in Amman and every Jordanian city. How stupid are you man?

And yes it does show how much we love Iraqis and Iraq stupid. We know them and they know us. And we speak to each other in the same language you do not understand stupid and we are all Arabs and Muslims stupid. Listen stupid I noticed you get caught up in your own bullshit and start believing it. That is very stupid. I also noticed all your friends are stupid like you.

Habis said...

Hey stupid what is this bullshit about Kuwaitis objecting to naming our own streets? That is probably the only country that has people as stupid as you. And who cares what the Kuwaitis think stupid. They named their streets after Americans like Bush. We really do not give a shit what one fucking family living in an American gas station thinks. You are really fucking stupid dude. I mean seriously you are one dumb motherfucker.

I think I am going to get me some coffee at your favorite place Starbucks. Later stupid.

Habis said...

Hey stupid I was about to leave when I thought of something. If you and I were in Jordan watching the Hashemite traitors training the Shia militias on how to be good pupppet police they would understand each other and I would understand what they are saying, but you would just stand there with a stupid look on your face. lol.

Habis said...

So fucking stupid!

Iraqi Mojo said...

"why do you keep telling me I am in Southern California?"

I just wanted to remind people that you live in America, hmar el urduni. Like many 3arab jarab, you hate America while you live in America, and I find that strange. Why don't you go back to Jordan, where you can drive down Saddam Street, on your way to Starbucks?

I did not make up the story about Kuwaitis being pissed, zmal. It is according to the article. Evidently the Kuwaitis understand how murderous the hero of the Arab world was, and they are probably shocked to learn that Arabs (Jordanian jarab) can be so stupid as to name a street after the mass murderer.

You say there are many streets and parks in Jordan named after Saddam? Thanks for the info, hmar el urduni. It does prove just how retarded the Kingdom of Jordanian Jarab really is.

"And who cares what the Kuwaitis think stupid. They named their streets after Americans like Bush." --hmar el urduni

Thank you again for exposing the hypocrisy of Arab "resistance", which has not fought the Kuwaitis like they have fought the Iraqis.

Habis said...

You never stop giving stupid! I live in America and hate America and you find it strange stupid? You sound like Sean Hannity stupid. You are a really American patriot arent you stupid! You support mass murderers like Bush and Clinton. You support the US terrorist army stupid. You support mass murder by supporting the US invasion of Iraq and the murder of over a million Iraqis. You support war criminals stupid. You support tyranny. You are the hypocrite stupid. And a really dumb hypocrite too. I am so glad you are around so people can see what kind of idiots support the mass murdering American presidents. Stop wasting my time with Kuwait. Nobody gives a shit about that American gas station. They named their streets after Bush Senior. Talk about supporting mass murderers. Who gives a shit about Kuwait stupid. Noody does you moron.

Stupid nobody is a hypocrite exept you, and a dumb one at that. You can thank for the Ameriacans for making Iraq a terrorist safe haven. Your problem is with them, not the Arabs stupid. Bremmer made it easy for the Mossad terrorists to get in to Iraq. And the American terrorist army are the terrorists not the Arabs. You support terror stupid. You support mass murder stupid. Stand up, put ur pants on stupid.

Anonymous said...

dear Mojo,
One of the things I admire about your blog is that you don't ban,or delete the racist vermin like "Habis ". If you substitute the word "nigger" for Shia, we recognize " Habis" as a perfect recruit for the KKK.Sunni Arab Inferiority Complex,such as "Habis',"may even be driven by the same racist fear that their penis isn't big enough.

C.H. said...


Its scary how similar the rants of American white supremacists are to the doctrine of Arab/Islamic supremacists in the ME.

David Duke, the former Klansman, visited Mahoud Ahmadinejad back in 2006 and they reveled in a day of Holocaust denial and hatred of Jews. I'm sure Habis could hit it off with DD.

Then you've got the equally nutty Christian fundamentalists, like Fred Phelps...the guy who runs Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas. In spite of Habis' attacks on American Christians, Phelps is indistinguishable from this monster. If I recall correctly, Phelps even wrote a letter to Saddam Hussein back in the 90's, praising his leadership!

Habis doesn't need to be in Jordan to be among his kind...there are plenty of idiots right here in the USA for him to associate with.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I guess I have to remind the Jordanian jarab (again) that Bush, Cheney, Clinton, the US Army have not killed any of my relatives. My mother's aunt died in 1991 as a result of sanctions, which the US enforced with the help of many Arab nations. I don't remember Jordanians rushing to Iraq to kill American invaders in 1991. What did you do instead? You came to America, of course!

You see, hmar el urduni, we came to America because we were looking for a better life than the one Saddam was offering us. It is why most Iraqis fled Iraq before 2003. We came to America because we have freedom here. I love America and I am surprised when I hear Arab Americans hating America. One would think that a Jordanian who hates America as much as you would return to Jordan, or an Arab country with NO Starbucks or puppets. LOL

Why do you stay here, zmal, if you hate it here? You are free to leave, hmar el urdini.

Habis said...

Hey stupid hey you Sean Hannnity of Iraq stop being such a liar. You love Jordanians. You not only love Jordanians you idealize Jordanians. You want to be like the Jordanians. I know you know what I mean stupid. You love the Jordanian puppets of the Hashemite regime. All you want is to be like them, like the puppets of Jordan. So when your American masters wanted to train the Shia militias to be good puppets they sent them to Jordan for puppet training. The Americans told the Jordanian puppets (your role models) to train a new set of puppets from Iraq so they can set up a new puppet regime in Baghdad like the puppet regime in Amman. Puppets here.....puppets there...puppets puppets everywhere. So you see stupid you not only love Jordanians but you aspire to be like them. The only problem stupid is you want to be like the Jordanian puppets. Unfortunately for you stupid and the Americans not all Jordanians or Iraqis are puppets. So let the puppets of Iraq work with the puppets of Amman and Kuwait and Riyadh all in the service of their American masters. The freedom fighters of Iraq, Jordan, and the Arab world will be also be working together. You are so stupid. And yes I live in California and I go to Starbucks.

Habis said...

Hey stupid Saddam is gone why are you still here? Why not go back to Iraq and sign up for the puppet police? If you do you will get sent to Jordan for training. lol. But you need to learn Arabic first so the Jordanians can train you in the art of puppetry. I had my Starbucks today. I think I will drop by Subway for a sandwich later on.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Sean Hannity? LOL

Aton said...

Nice post Mojo, It really demonstrates where bottom feeding cockroaches like Habis learn to lick the boots of their fascist puppet masters.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"I had my Starbucks today. I think I will drop by Subway for a sandwich later on." -hmar el urduni

Well then you would not mind living in Amman, where there are 10 Starbucks and 9 Subway restaurants. You should feel right at home:)

Meanwhile in Iraq, hundreds of Iraqis have been killed in bombings of Iraqi-owned restaurants. The brave Arab "resistance" and other jarab responded to the overthrow of their hero and the establishment of an Iraqi democracy (or a semblance of it) by mass murdering Iraqis. And you are still in denial.

Aton said...

After all he is from Mesopotamia, and he tells us what civilized is, lol. His pride is, his weakness. This cockroach burps the same shit he eats. Too cowardly to stand against brutal Arab dictators, proud enough cheer the killing of Iraqi women and children. There is nothing lower in this world.

Iraqi Mojo said...

March 26, 2003: King Abdullah under pressure after furious subjects urge support for Saddam

David All said...

Hopefully Habis will soon choke to death on his own venom.

Mojo, I believe the suicide bombers blow themsevles up in Iraq rather than in Israel primarily because Israeli anti-terrorist defenses, particularly the Barrier Wall on the West Bank, are quite good so the likiehood of a successful attack is low. Also Israeli retailation has been effective against those who arm and send out suicide bombers.

The suicide bombers do not usually strike in their own countries like Eqypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia because the authorties are effective in striking back en masse at the families and communities that suicide bombers come from. Unfortunately Iraq has neither effective defensive capability or the ability to strike at the countries such as Syria which give shelter to the organizations that send suicide bombers and other foreign terrorists to Iraq.

Nobody & Mojo, thanks for linking to the article about Saddam Street.
Ironic that should happen in Jordan given the close ties that exist between US & Jordan in intelligence and military affairs as Mojo pointed out in the post, "Jordan's secret role in America's CIA".

Note: For years, the late King Hussein of Jordan, often described as "plucky" in the Western Media, was undoubtly first Britain and then America's favorite Arab leader.

Anand said...

"Unfortunately Iraq has neither effective defensive capability or the ability to strike at the countries such as Syria which give shelter to the organizations that send suicide bombers and other foreign terrorists to Iraq." The ISF has both. However, Iraqi values prevent Iraq from retaliating against their neighbors or the families of wacko suicide bombers.

Too bad, Jordanians, Syrians, Saudis, Sudanese, Yemenese, Emirates, and others lack Iraqi values.

Anand said...

David, you should see the photos for Iraqi Army Day. Mojo has them.

The Iraqis showed off three types of long range artillery, M1A1SI/T72 tanks, many new armored vehicles. The show was impressive to say the least.

Habib, does the Jordanian army put on shows like the Iraqi Army does?

Don't worry about Iraq. Once their F-16s become operational, they will be able to handle your friends.