Monday, January 25, 2010

Why Sunni Arabs dislike Sistani

Sistani aided the American occupation, according to many Arabs and Arab Americans. Sistani did not call for militant jihad, he did not encourage the Iraqi Shia to fight the Americans. The resistance-minded Arabs in general respect Muqtada al Sadr more than Sistani. Watch this short documentary about Sistani to understand why.

Arabs seem to praise only the Iraqis who fight Americans. Sistani does not want to fight the Americans.

I think if anybody can change Chalabi's mind on the Baathist ban, it is Sistani.


Sadeq Hosseini said...

السلام علیکم
i was looking for feedback of a news that i found your blog.
So that's interesting.

الله بالخیر
صادق حسینی

Maury said...

Let's hold a suicide bombers convention and let them all go out in one glorious blast. We could even do it annually. I'd be happy to donate for the cause. I'll even issue a fatwa promising virgins for for all the losers who participate. Of course,I'm not qualified to issue fatwa's,but neither are most of the jerks Al Queda gets their holy directives from.

The 40 yr. old virgins are blowing themselves to Paradise in Baghdad again. Sons of bitches.