Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Arabs begin moving mindset out of 7th century

By "7th century" I don't mean to imply that honor killing is an Islamic practice. It is a backward Arab practice that should have ended centuries ago.

"Honor killings have long been tolerated in Muslim countries, but movements are underway to both punish murderers and bring an end to the bloodshed Something is finally beginning to change. The Syrian parliament, for example, last month canceled the clause that permits a judge to show leniency toward a person who kills "for reasons of honor."

Honor can no longer be used as a defense by lawyers when presenting their client's case, and contrary to the previous law that did not state a minimum punishment, now the judges will be forced to imprison murderers for at least two years.

In Jordan the law has not yet been amended, even though the government has twice submitted it to parliament, but the courts themselves have begun acting as if the issue of family honor is no longer valid.

The punishments they have imposed recently for honor killings have been far harsher than what Jordanian citizens are used to.

Official statistics about honor murders are nonexistent, since police refrain from classifying them as such. However, a study carried out by the National Center for Social and Criminal Studies in Egypt indicated that some 70 percent of murders against women were carried out by their husbands, 20 percent by their brothers and 7 percent by their fathers.

The most unpleasant finding in the survey is that more than 70 percent of these murders were perpetrated on the basis of unfounded rumors and remarks from neighbors or friends about the victim's behavior.

The Egyptian human rights organization says the government itself encourages murders of this kind since the law in Egypt still regards family honor as a rationale for lenient sentencing.

Paragraph 237 in the Egyptian penal code reads, "Anyone who comes upon his wife at a time when she is committing adultery and kills her together with the person with whom she was fornicating on the spot, will be punished with imprisonment instead of the punishments stipulated in paragraphs 234 and 236." Those paragraphs contain sentences of life imprisonment, imprisonment with hard labor or death.

There is no plan in Cairo to amend the law and a petition on it has not yet been dealt with by the constitutional court.

However it is not merely the punishment of honor killings that is undergoing renewed scrutiny in Arab states. The public discourse is also beginning to change. Dr. Maan Said, for example, wrote this weekend in the Palestinian Internet newspaper Dunia al-Watan that, "It is surprising that the honor is always masculine but it is masculine from one aspect only. We do not hear, for example, that a young woman killed her sister or her mother in order to cleanse the shame. Could it be that our daughters do not feel the need to wash the shame? On the other hand, the washing of the shame is always done through the blood of women. Is a woman's blood the only blood that is suitable for cleansing of this kind? Let us once more discuss matters that we thought always were part of our basic values but that have become customs that shame us."

The Syrian writer Yassin Rafaiya also chimed in.

"The murder for family honor is one of the ugliest crimes, but the criminal, the murderer, is freed from jail after only a few months while he boasts to the judge that 'that was a defective finger and so we amputated it,'" he wrote. "The family honor murder is an indication of the degeneration and decline even of religious values which grant women respect and status. However these rights have become very wanting in our days."

This discourse, which has traditionally been dominated by voices from Arab women journalists, researchers and feminists, has now moved over to the men's purview."


Habis al-Urduni said...

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And as for honor killings, I have 4 sisters and I only killed two of them so stop exagerating stupid.

Anonymous said...

Did you rape them before you killed them?

Aton said...


Anonymous said...

No I did not rape them but before I killed them I yelled 'Allahu Akbar I swear to Allah I will regain my tribal honor' and then I slashed them. The entire tribe came to our house and congratulated us for this wonderful act. My tribe was pleased. Allah was pleased and memri wrote about it.

Phoneyid said...

Being that we are on an English language blog, inclined toward discussing cultural failures, isn't it perhaps appropriate that we discuss the evils of paedophilia.

Lets get down and dirty; I'm not interested in discussing the ills of those that engage in sex with persons under 21 or 18 or 17 or 16 or even 15 or whatever the arbitrary legal age might be dependant upon which country or which state within that country we might live.

I want to talk about the most depraved among us. Those that engage in sex with PRE-pubescents.

Now I know that some cultures permit individuals to become betrothed or even married while one party is considered even by nature itself to be under-age (ie: pre-pubescent) but there are typically protocols within the cultures I'm thinking of, that require that the 'under-aged' party must mature before consummation of the marriage takes place.

Why is it that every time I hear of the rape (obviously not consensual sex) of a PRE-Pubescent in Australia, it's always a white man.
America permits us an interesting insight, in that there are on-line paedophile registers,,, with mug shots,,, many of which end up on google images... and we'll have a look at a few in a moment.
Keep in mind, that although in America, for example, the black population is overly represented within the normal prison population, they are conspicuously absent in the paedophile registers.

Be mindful of the fact that some of those convicted paedophiles engaged in sex with someone merely under the relevant State's arbitrary legal age and not necessarily with a PRE-Pubescent.

A sad story of an old man of about 80 interviewed on the radio one day; he had gone through hardship with his employment prospects during his entire life because of one paedophile conviction in his youth.
He was convicted at the age of 20 for having sex with a 17yo.
They remain married to this day.

I would like to add that Greeks, Italians, Arabs, Indians, among others seem conspicuously absent from these registers.
It seems a disease of white men with Anglo-Northern European Blood Line.
Just a generalisation and I'm sure that there are many exceptions within the prior named groups.

This is just an observation of mine, I've raised this with 2 adult former victims that I personally know, and they concur with my thesis. I've tried hard a couple of years ago to find stats breaking down the crime by race, but they appear unavailable, so I can only go on my observed reported incidents.

Now I'm sure it's not in the blood, so what is it.
Is it the 'sleep overs', 'summer camps', 'boarding schools', things that I preclude my children from attending.

Come on Mojo, why are you so keen to portray Arabs as evil to Americans and not even give them a clue to a sickness in their own back yard.... Why are you in denial?
I'm sure that you're all for dispensing with so called 'political correctness' so lets just bring it out, shall we.

So why don't we leave the Arabs and clean up our own fkn shit Mojo?
Oh, I know, you just like to show how they are more evil than us, and ignore our faults right... it's ok, you are not alone.

Google.Image results: paedophile register county

Phoneyid said...

Google.Image results: paedophile

Phoneyid said...

Try this link
Google.Image results: paedophile

Iraqi Mojo said...

Phoney, one third of homicides in Jordan are done in the name of "honor". The murderers themselves say they killed their sisters, daughters, cousins, etc. to protect the "honor" of the family. In the past the murderers have received light sentences.

I don't expect you to be concerned, but I am. It bothers me very much and I would like to see it change. I'm glad to see Jordanian, Syrian, and Egyptian leaders finally doing something about it. I don't think they would have done anything if there wasn't so much international pressure and coverage of this issue.

You are free to ignore these crimes, phoney. You are free to portray the Arabs however you want. The vast majority of Arab bloggers have nothing to say about honor killings. Go there and blame all the Arabs' problems on America and Israel, like they do.

My blog is not like most Arab blogs.

Ormazd said...

Honor killings of women occur because most of the people prefer to look away.

The country with the largest proportion of female honor killings is actually Pakistan.

It will not go away until there is a sea change in the personal values of the populace regarding this subject.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"The country with the largest proportion of female honor killings is actually Pakistan."

I did not know that.

Ormazd said...


Keep in mind, that although in America, for example, the black population is overly represented within the normal prison population, they are conspicuously absent in the paedophile registers.

Check again in the child murder registers and you will see that black folks are also over-represented.

I would like to add that Greeks, Italians, Arabs, Indians, among others seem conspicuously absent from these registers.
It seems a disease of white men with Anglo-Northern European Blood Line

Have you gone to Greece, Italy, and India and checked their registries, PhoneyID? I doubt it.

And may I add that most "sex offenders" in these registers aren't child molesters. Some are rapists of other adults, others are 18 year olds who had consensual sex with 15 year old girlfriends, some are prostitutes, etc ..

Many studies have shown that the "sex offender" registers have to reformed because most of the people on them have never harmed children.

Iraqi Mojo said...

'PHOENIX - A Glendale man accused of hitting his daughter with a car because he believed she had become "too westernized" may need a mental evaluation, according to his lawyer.

Attorney Billy Little said Wednesday that he first met with 49-year-old Faleh Hassan Almaleki on Tuesday, and that the immigrant didn't understand the role of his lawyer, the judge or a grand jury.

Little says that could be due to a combination of language and cultural barriers and a possible mental-health issue.

Almaleki was in court Wednesday and said only his name and birthday when prompted by the judge. His next scheduled court date is Feb. 8.

Almaleki allegedly ran over his daughter, 20-year-old Noor Almaleki, and another woman in a Peoria parking on October 20.

His daughter later died of her injuries.'