Friday, January 08, 2010

How to stop Islamic terrorism

Muslim leaders, like the one in this video, should take the educational approach:

We (Muslims) must remind all Muslims that the Qur'an instructs Muslims to respect Jews and Christians. Killing innocent Jews, Christians, Hindus, or anybody they view as a "kafir" will certainly NOT be rewarded in heaven.

Muslims who are enraged by videos of US soldiers destroying a mosque should understand that the mosque was destroyed because insurgents were hiding in it and shooting at soldiers from inside the mosque. Muslims should not be using a mosque to shoot at soldiers! Muslims should also understand that US soldiers help protect Mosques in Iraq that are primary targets of terrorists and insurgents. Muslims should be reminded that Islamic terrorists destroyed one of Shia's holiest mosques in Samarra in February 2006, sparking the worst sectarian violence the world has ever seen and the worst civil war Iraq has seen.

Nearly every important action a religious Muslim makes in his or her life is done in the name of God. I receive many emails from Muslims that begin with "Bismillah Al Rahman Al Raheem" (In The Name of God The Gracious, The Merciful). This phrase is so important, it is usually the first phrase in the preamble of the constitutions of Islamic countries.

Needless to say, trying to blow up an airliner on Christmas, or killing Christians at a Church, or Shia in a cafe, is not being gracious or merciful! Yelling "Allah Akbar" before killing people also will not likely be rewarded in heaven.

Americans, for their part, should not demonize Islam and should not do things like this, especially when they are visiting, or even invading, an Muslim country.

As Saddam said in this video, open your mind. In that 90s-era recording, Saddam explains to a poor Iraqi man why Jalal Talabani and other exiles are able to spend millions of dinars in England, America, and France. He tells the man "they sell your blood". The video is untranslated and I noticed two commenters asking what Saddam is saying. I gave a short summary for "UmmahTube", one of the commenters asking for a translation. The word "Ummah" is supposed to represent the Muslim nation, all the people of Islam. UmmahTube responded by thanking me and saying "yes the people who rule the world are from my country and they made america attack iraq. Remember america is still owned by England and i am ashamed to say own israel also and america and the rest of europe." In another comment UmmahTube wrote: "talabani is a coward and traitor like the rest of the puppets in iraq, saddam may have not been the best choice for the west but at least he gave iraqis jobs and security."

Evidently many Muslims, even Muslims living in England, do not understand that Saddam mass murdered Muslims and that he should not be praised, and that fighting for Saddam or any tyrant will not be rewarded by Allah. Arabs and Muslims Need Education.

Most Iraqis' jihad is a struggle to survive, to build a better society.

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Habis said...

Hey stupid Sean Hannity of Iraq you did not understand any video that was not translated for you because you do not speak Arabic and do not understand what Iraqis or Jordanians are saying. And even when memri translates something for you there is no way you can be sure the translation is accurate because you do not speak Arabic stupid. I agree nobody should fight for tyrants like George Bush and Tony Blair. They are mass murderers and they killed 1.5 million Iraqis. And nobody should be so stupid as to support masss murder and tyrants like bush and blair.

And this was a very stupid video to post. You are pandering to Zionism and the neo-cons stupid. How do you feel stupid? How stupid do you have to be to sit behind a computer posting anti-Muslim videos, memri bullshit, and American rhetoric about Arabs and Muslims. You really are a stupid motherfucker.

"Starbucks" "honor killings" "Jihad" "Jihad" "honor Killings" "Starbucks" lol. What a fucking loser.

Iraqi Mojo said...

شلون غبي، الحمار الأردني

Iraqi Mojo said...

الحمار الاردني

Iraqi Mojo said...

I am Iraqi American. I have spent most of my life in America, the country that gave us freedom when Saddam wanted to kill us. You see, zmal, I love America, but I also love the Iraq that was before Saddam led it to war and ruin. I don't expect you to understand, hmar el urduni, because I know how much the Jordanian jarab loved him. You can name your streets whatever you like.

Watch this AWESOME video of America eliminating the scum bucket Jordanian Jarab from Iraq. Very cool.

I loved it when America finally told Saddam and his rapist murderous sons to leave Iraq within 48 hours. I loved it when America hunted down the mass murderer and found him hiding in a hole in the ground. I loved it when America hunted down his rapist murderous sons and gave them what they deserved. You see, ghebby, I love America. It's a great country.

Freeq said...


How about sounding a new theme? The current one is growing a beard.


Also give credit to the Iraqis who helped trap Saddam. It couldn't have been done without them.

As I recall, the interpreter who decked him as he was pulled out his hole was an Iraqi-American garage mechanic