Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bombed hotels were "dens of evil"

'Iraqi insurgents linked with al Qaeda claimed responsibility on Wednesday for bombings this week at three Baghdad hotels that killed at least 36 people, vowing bloodshed would continue.

The Islamic State of Iraq posted the message two days after three suicide bombs rocked the hotels, two of which are popular with foreigners and Western media.

"The knights of Baghdad descended on the heart of this wounded city and targeted another set of dens of evil," said the message posted on a website used by militant groups.'

Dens of evil, presumably because Americans and other foreigners stay there. Meanwhile in Dubai, the hotels look incredible and security is excellent.  I am very curious if any of the suicide bombers came from Jordan or the peninsula, where there are hundreds of nice hotels and Starbucks that serve Americans and other "infidels". It is not fair.


Habis said...

You are so stupid. Do you realize how stupid you are? Seriously. You have no idea how stupid you are do you? Do you really think you are being clever bringing up over and over the collaboration with the US? Do you know how fucking moronic you are? What a stupid sadistic sectarian moron you are. Get over it dude. Get a life. Have a thought. Do not be so stupid.

" love america....america liberated iraq....honor killings...sunni slime...i hate arabs..i hate arabs..."

BUT.........................I would like to wish my Christian and Jewish friends a happy holiday season. lol.

Aton said...

Habis, what is "dens of evil".

Anonymous said...

Stfu and shoot yourself.

Anonymous said...

Habis, you are a dumb, hate-filled, lackey of Saddam Hussein. The sooner you join your master in hell the better.

Anonymous said...

habis you rock man. that shoe shiner mojo is as dumb and stupid as they come, must be america and sectarian genes. i bet his parents are first cousins. first cousins always give birth to morons. in his case a shia