Thursday, March 03, 2011

We should celebrate Obama's unique background

The fact that an African American man whose biological father was Kenyan can go on to become President is what makes America so great. We Americans should celebrate Obama and his unique background.

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Maury said...

Protests in KSA. The oil producing area of KSA. Time to buy some USO, or UCO to double the bang. Bigger protests are scheduled for next friday. We could see $150 oil before this is over. $250 if Saudi production is disrupted.

Maury said...

All of this publicity is no doubt good for Huckabee, as he peddles a new book and looks to shore up support among conservative GOP voters as he considers a second bid for the White House. But this isn't necessarily the sort of attention that can aid Huckabee's reputation among swing and independent voters, with whom he's performed well in the past in spite of his conservative views on social issues. Polls show most voters, even if they disagree with him, tend to find Huckabee "likable."

Just last week, Huckabee seemed to cast himself as a moderate voice on several hot-button issues that have whipped up the conservative right. In one statement, for example, he dismissed "birther" conspiracy theories about Obama--telling reporters the talk is simply a distraction. He defended Michelle Obama's push to combat childhood obesity against attacks from Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin--saying the GOP should instead be "thanking her and praising her." Huckabee even had kind words for Obama, lauding him as a good role model for the country.