Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dictators disappear their foes

This happened a lot under Saddam.

"Disappear is a transitive verb for dictators. That’s what they do to foes, disappear them in the night for questioning that becomes a nameless forever.

No law governs these captives’ fate. They vanish — and then they are tossed into mass graves. Qaddafi massacred over 1,000 political prisoners at Abu Salim in June 1996. Was Jaballa Matar among them?

It’s important to have names. The skulls in the sand were once sentient beings who screamed for justice."


Maury said...

Obama blocked the imposition of a no-fly zone by NATO. Britain and France had to pick their jaws off the floor. Clinton says she'll visit the opposition in Libya next week, provided they last that long.

I do believe this administration has defined itself. Failing to offer freedom-seeking people support in their direst hour is what Obama will be remembered for.

Maury said...

Maybe it's time for protests outside the White House. Sitting on your hands while people seeking freedom BEG for help is downright unamerican. This is definately NOT America's finest hour.