Monday, March 14, 2011

A chance to support a new beginning

Professor Anne-Marie Slaughter: 'Gen. Wesley K. Clark argues that “Libya doesn’t sell much oil to the United States” and that while Americans “want to support democratic movements in the region,” we are already doing that in Iraq and Afghanistan. Framing this issue in terms of oil is exactly what Arab populations and indeed much of the world expect, which is why they are so cynical about our professions of support for democracy and human rights. Now we have a chance to support a real new beginning in the Muslim world — a new beginning of accountable governments that can provide services and opportunities for their citizens in ways that could dramatically decrease support for terrorist groups and violent extremism. It’s hard to imagine something more in our strategic interest.'

Thanks Mona for posting on fb.

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Anonymous said...

Some f. " new beginning", The anti-Gadhafi resistance is pleading for help, and the US does nada!
A " new beginning " for Libya needs the assistance of 50 cruise missles sent to Mr. Gadhafi's bunker.O-Bambi looks like he wants to sit this one out.