Friday, March 25, 2011

America's freedom packages

On Monday The Daily Show made fun of US foreign policy. In case you missed it. It's just satire. One of the things I love about America is that we can poke fun at our government's hypocrisy in foreign policy. I like the last part: offer does not apply to the West Bank or Gaza.


idit said...

Yes, in a week when the people of southern Israel are attacked by rockets and mortar bombs near their homes and schools.
Who really needs the protection?

It's not that I expect you to give a flying fig about israeli life.
Obviously you don't.
Just don't complain when the Gazan get the same treatment they dish out.

idit said...

However, why not do a ghaddafi on Gaza and remove Hamas?
They are oppressing Gazans just like Ghaddafi oppress libyans.