Monday, March 07, 2011

Should the US intervene in Libya?

Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski says the US should not intervene in Libya alone, that we need Europe's help at least. He is afraid the uprisings in the Middle East may give rise to extremist groups, and democracy may not come out of it. It is a legitimate fear. Also in this clip he says the US abandoned Afghanistan in the late 80s, which was a mistake, because the vacuum allowed the Taliban to take over.

David Ignatius seems more optimistic and says we're seeing something new, a global political awakening by people who want freedom and democracy. This idea is new in the Arab world; it's not the Al Qaeda narrative.

Andrea Mitchell says the Saudis would not allow a Shia government to take control of Bahrain.

Americans seem divided on whether we should interfere in Libya. Brzezinski makes a good point - Europe is more dependent on Libyan oil than the US is, and they should help with a no-fly zone, if there is consensus to do it.

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What happens if Qadhafi remains in control of Libya? What happens if Wahhabis invade Bahrain and start killing Shia? Would Iran get involved? What if the price of crude shoots to $200 per barrel? I bet the US would act alone just to keep the price of oil from spiraling out of control.

PS: I should not have said the idea is new in the Arab world. Arabs have always wanted freedom and democracy. The idea is not new. Maybe what is new are non-violent protests in multiple Arab nations at the same time.

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