Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Non-Bahraini forces in Bahrain

A few people on Nicholas Kristof's facebook page are calling the protesters in Bahrain "pro-Iran terrorists" and are suggesting the protesters are being aided by Iran.


Maury said...

Clinton to rebels...nothing but love for you baby! No no-fly zone, no military aid, no help of any kind. But....if you're lucky, Obama will say a few inspiring words as the genocide unfolds. Hope to dare to believe it's time to kiss your ass good-bye or some such nonsense.

Maury said...

Hundreds shot in Bahrain protest

"More than 200 people we received today had been shot with buckshot," a hospital doctor in the village of Sitra, south of the capital, said.

Story continues below The doctor, who asked that his name not be used, said the hospital was under siege by armed gangs and security forces targeting Shi'ites - the backbone of anti-regime protests that have raged for a month."


Not to worry. Obama will offer platitudes, and hundreds more will be shot tomorrow.

Maury said...

Even though the U.S. is now backing the draft Libya resolution, Danin believes the Obama administration should have pushed harder for action much earlier. "Obama should not have called for Qaddafi to step down if the U.S. was not willing to back up that call with a real sense of an ‘or else' ... consequences for failing to step down.”