Monday, March 21, 2011

Angry Arab reports on Antisemitism in Saudi media

Angry Arab: 'Since Zionist organizations don't cover Saudi anti-Semitism anymore due to the intense love affair between Israel and House of Saud, I shall cover such manifestations. Here, columnist Jihad Khazin (who writes in Khalid Bin Sultan bin Bribe's mouthpiece, Al-Hayat) writes that "Judaism is a savage religion." '

Interesting. If this happened in Iran, US media (especially FOX News) would have been all over it.


C.H. said...

"If this happened in Iran..."

If anything frightening happened in Iran, we sure as hell wouldn't hear about it from As'ad.

Muhannad said...

"Good for New TV for covering the protests in Iran." --As'ad Abu Khalil on Feb 15.

Muhannad said...

As'ad wrote Feb 15: "Iran: supporters of the regime and its opponents
Both sides are nauseatingly hypocritical. I have chided in Arabic Hizbullah and other supporters of the oppressive Syrian and Iranian regimes to cool it when it comes to celebrating the Egyptian uprising. That they are in no position to be effusive about their praise for the Egyptian and Tunisian uprising. But the stance of opponents of the regime, like Saudi Arabia (its media suddenly discovered demonstrations of opposition groups somewhere in the Middle East, when they dismissed the protests in Tunisia and Egypt at first) and US are rather nauseating. I mean, every time an American official vomits a statement about the right of protesters in Iran, I feel a strong urge to name the pro-US puppets throughout the Middle East. Give me a...potato."