Sunday, March 06, 2011

Kings & dictators have their supporters

Like Saddam did, Qaddafi and other dictators have their supporters. In this video, Qaddafi supporters are seen celebrating their recapture of Zawiya. They seem like normal people.

It turns out the Qatari blogger who was arrested recently is a Wahhabi, according to the Angry Arab: "Certainly, his writings reveal a fanatical extremist mind with an affinity to Saudi Wahhabi ideology."

The number of people who supported the likes of Saddam and Qaddafi is scary enough. Add to that the number of people who support their kings and/or Wahhabi ideology, and the sum is a significant number, no doubt. But is it a significant percentage of the population? I don't know. If the percentage is high, this revolution could turn into a regional civil war.

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C.H. said...

Apparently Q's claims to control Zawiyeh ended up being least according to BBC.