Monday, March 14, 2011

Qaddafi forces crushing rebels, Saudi forces in Bahrain

I forgot to mention yesterday that the Arab League voted for a no-fly zone over Libya. Hillary Clinton has met with the Libyan opposition as Qaddafi makes gains against the rebels. Michael Singh said it's "hard to say no" to a no-fly zone if the Arab League is asking for it. The Arab League, it needs to be reminded, did not ask the US to help Iraqi rebels who wanted to overthrow Saddam in 1991. It has been said that the US allowed Saddam's generals to fly helicopters during the 1991 uprising because KSA asked the US to allow Saddam's generals to fly helicopters. The Wahhabis are the scum of the earth, they hate democracy. Remember what they did in Iraq after the dictator was overthrown? It still surprises me to see the "greatest" country in the world side with the backward fundamentalist royal douches.

Also in this clip they discus events in Bahrain. More than 1,000 Saudi troops have entered Bahrain, and UAE may also send troops. Micheal Singh said a "sectarian conflict is brewing there".

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