Monday, March 07, 2011

Iraqi Communist Party supported partition of Palestine?

The Angry Arab wrote today about the Iraqi communist party:

It is by far the most disgraceful and most disgraced communist party in the Arab world. If this party strove for decades to recover from its support for the partition of Palestine in 1947, it won't ever recover from its support for the American invasion of Iraq. Today, I searched the New York Times to see if there is anything about the decision by the Iraqi puppet government to harass the party and to evict it from its headquarters, but I found nothing--there is a long article about the removal of a wall from a neighborhood. But the Iraqi communist party deserves its plight: it aligned itself not only with the American occupation, but also with the sectarian forces that came along with the US tanks. IT deserves the worst plight just like that Tudeh party which aligned itself with Khumayni in Iran before he ordered its dissolution and execution of its members and leaders. The Iraqi communist party--historically speaking--is one of the reason why the Arab left suffered from a bad press and reputation. The relationship between the Iraqi communist party and the left is akin to the relationship between Sa`d Hariri and thinking.

The Iraqi communist party supported the partition of Palestine? What was their reasoning for supporting partition?

I did not know this. You see, sometimes I learn things from the Angry Arab. Although sometimes his comments raise more questions, like "did Iraqi communists support the US invasion or did they just want to see Saddam overthrown?" Some questions will never be answered.

It's also interesting to see that some Arabs would not forgive other Arabs for "supporting" the partition of Palestine, or they would not forgive Arabs who "supported" the US invasion of Iraq. You gotta forgive, or at least understand the others' views, if you want to be united, or at least intelligent. Take me, for example: I understand why Palestinians liked Saddam, and I forgive them. Try to forgive more, ya ikhwan.

PS: I just found this: "Another major issue for the party at this time was the Palestinian Question. Despite earlier support of Palestinian rights of self-determination, in July 1948 the party fell in line with Moscow's position of supporting a Zionist state. The party lost many supporters among the public because of this, and many members also resigned and left the party ranks in anger."


David All said...

The Communist Party in Iraq, like all local Communist Parties, subordinated themsevles to whatever Moscow dictated to be the official Communist Party line. This was true, especially in Stalin's time, even if it cost the local Communist Party a great deal of popularity and support as supporting the creation of Israel did for the Iraqi Communist Party and all other Communist Parties in the Arab countries.

Anonymous said...

To Angry Arab
What do you know about the partition of Palestine? Do you know what happened to Palestinians when they refused it? Arab nationalists didn't help them at all. In the end they got nothing at all. If Palestinians have accepted the partition in 1947, then there would have been a country on the world map today called Palestine, with the whole city of Al-Quds as a capital, and the majority of the lands of the original Palestine belonging to Palestinians. Today Palestinians have only about 10-20% of their lands, and the future country that they are struggling to establish would only occupy this little 10-20% of the land. The Iraqi Communist Party had a deeper look into the future, and more understanding for the world at that time. At that time when both USA and Soviets have agreed on something, that meant it will definitely happen.
It is a lie that The Iraqi Communist Party supported the American invasion of Iraq. It is one of few parties in Iraq who calls it invasion, not liberation.