Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jon Stewart criticizes Obama on Libya

Jon says we've been accustomed to the "run-up" to war, he says Obama shoulda made his case for war on Qaddafi.

Jon says he understands there was a time constraint, but it was a time constraint of a few weeks. I'm not sure I understand Jon here. Qaddafi's rebels were about to trounce on Benghazi. It was the right time to act. No time to get the approval of the Congress. Maybe he could have taken a vote, and maybe he shoulda, but I think Obama did the right thing given that the rebels were about to be crushed by Qaddafi's forces.

But many left-leaning politicians in America are nevertheless unhappy with Obama.


Maury said...

My only gripe is that he took so long. The rebels were halfway to Tripoli two weeks ago. Now, they're stuck in Benghazi. On the other side of Libya, Misrata civilians have been pounded hard for the last two weeks. Zawiya fell, and rebels there have been rounded up. Nobody knows if any survived.

We needed to do this on humanitarian grounds. It wasn't going to happen without US support. Besides, it's Qaddafi, the terrorist cross dresser with several screws missing. I hope the rebels hang him by his balls.

David All said...

While I support the intervention in Libya to help the rebels overthrow Kadaffi, think that Obama should have postponed his Latin American trip and made a prime time address to the American people when it started.