Monday, March 07, 2011

Maliki orders closure of protest organizers' offices

NYT: "Two political parties that led demonstrations in Baghdad over the past two weeks said on Monday that security forces controlled by Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki had ordered them to close their offices.

The actions came amid growing concerns that Mr. Maliki’s American-backed government is using force and other measures to stifle dissent in this fragile democracy, where tens of thousands of demonstrators have seized on the upheaval sweeping the Arab world to rally for government reforms and better services.

Officials for the Iraqi Nation Party and the Iraqi Communist Party said in interviews that dozens of armed security forces had come to their offices here Sunday, two days after another round of demonstrations."

On this the Angry Arab wrote today: "It is hilarious that the New York Times would even bother to cover the one-member party of Mithal Allusi--who is better known as the only Iraqi to support relations with the Zionist entity. In the last puppet elections, Allusi put his idea of relation with Israel to the test. He ran and won...not a single seat in parliament despite what people have observed to be as a very well-funded campaign."

The Angry Arab needs to stop labeling Maliki as a "puppet" of the US when clearly he is not. The Lebanese American professor in California should at least stop calling them "puppet" elections, especially if he's using the results of those elections to corroborate his theory that Mithal al Alusi is not popular in Iraq.

The word "puppet" is another one of those words that some Arab intellectuals like to throw around loosely, like "resistance" and "occupation".

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