Friday, March 04, 2011

Demonstrations in KSA's eastern province

"Saudi Arabia has so far escaped the demonstrations and popular uprisings that are sweeping the region, but recent developments suggest the ultraconservative kingdom is not immune to protests and unrest.

Media reports say demonstrators took to the streets of areas of Saudi Arabia's oil-producing eastern province Thursday and Friday to demand the release of political prisoners they claim are being held without trial."

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Iraqi Mojo said...

"Saudi officials insist that the kingdom will not fall prey to the wave of popular unrest sweeping the Middle East - despite some early warning signs.

In Saudi Arabia, the unrest in the region has sent shock waves through the country's stock market. Analysts say investors are getting jittery about the possibility that the protests may yet spread to the kingdom.

But the Saudi government says it is not concerned.

The evening news on Saudi state television on Wednesday led with meetings of top officials from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It was business as usual, despite the turbulence that surrounds the Arab world's wealthiest nation."