Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Iraqi Christian lawmaker demands govt protect Christians

'"We demand the government be up to its responsibility of protecting its people - otherwise the crimes targeting Christians will continue," Kana told a parliament session on Tuesday.

He said calls from France and Germany should be "rejected" and claimed they are "linked to foreign agendas that aim to deplete Iraq's Christian community."

Kana also accused "political agendas" within the Shiite-led government of ignoring pleas to help Iraqi Christians. "We found no response, just silence," he said.'


David All said...

Good to see that there are Iraqi Christians who wish to stay in Iraq if possible. Thanks for posting this, Mojo. Hope the Iraqi govt and people do protect the remaining Iraqi Christians who are a valuable resouce, if there is be a decent Iraq.

Anonymous said...

i'm waiting for the day Mojo has an article about sunni victims of murder....

Iraqi Mojo said...

I posted this just the other day:

'Gunmen killed a young television news reporter in his home in the restive northern city of Mosul on Sunday, in the latest in a series of deadly attacks on journalists in Iraq, police said.'

Also I posted this on Nov 20:

"Bomb targets members of Parliament in Mosul"

Iraqi Mojo said...

On September 13 I copied & pasted an article by Anthony Shadid about an Iraqi Sunni Arab family that pretended to be Shia in order to avoid expulsion from their home in a Shia neighborhood: Taqiya by Sunni Muslims

Anonymous, maybe what you're looking for are articles about Shiite militias drilling holes in Sunni heads, as if that's still happening. That stopped a long time ago, but I wrote about that too. A few weeks after I started the blog I posted a link to the documentary about Shiite militias mass murdering Sunni Arabs. I can look that up, but for now read these:

Rogue Elements

The Dogs of the Shia

These days Iraqi Sunni Arabs are being killed by Al Qaeda in Iraq, the "Islamic" State of Iraq, and maybe by some hardcore Ba3thi bitches who still won't allow Iraqi Sunni Arabs to participate in the post-Saddam government and politics.

Mister Ghost said...

The Iraqi Christians need some of these Bad Ass Indian gals:

Rukhsana Kausar

Displaying rare courage, a 20-year-old Kashmiri woman axed to death an armed Lashkar-e-Toiba commander and then, along with her 18-year-old brother, snatched guns and opened fire on two other militants, wounding one and forcing them to flee. The incident took place at Shahdra Sharief in the Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir late Sunday night...

She did it James Bond style. It's amazing...

the militants broke open a window and entered the house. By then, Noor Hussain and his wife Rashida Begum had hidden daughter Rukhsana Kausar beneath a cot. On not finding Rukhsana, the militants started beating Rashida. Son Aijaz Ahmed tried to pick up a lathi but one of the militants hit him.

It was at this point that Rukhsana emerged from her hiding place with an axe and hit the Lashkar commander on his head. One of the militants opened fire, the bullet striking Waqalat Hussain in the arm. Other family members jumped in, joining Rukhsana who was battling the militants.

Rukhsana picked up the Lashkar commander’s gun, snatched another from one of the militants and tossed it to her brother. Both then opened fire, wounding one of the militants and forcing them to flee.

Dolly said...

They say Lashkare Tayiba is linked to Pakistani government.
But I like Lashkare Tayiba since their awesome operation in Mumbai

Maury said...

"it is the first case of a top militant being felled by a young woman."

What a pathetic smuj. He's probably getting his ass kicked by 72 doe-eyed virgins now.

Dolly said...

☼ Anonymous, maybe what you're looking for are articles about Shiite militias drilling holes in Sunni heads ☼

Yes, you are quite apologetic about that. You call it "amazing restraint" on the part of the Rafidha.

And of course your American masters are ecstatic at Iraqis getting their heads drilled by majusi animals

Anonymous said...

Did you guys hear about the Pashtun Peasant who fooled the CIA, the Pentagon, and the puppets in Kabul, and pocketed massive amount of money pretending to be Mullah Omar's second in command?

Is there any limit to American stupidity?

Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden are laughing their turbans off.

Aton said...


UK's m16 paid him you ignorant cockroach. If you want to call someone “stupid” you should refrain from BEING stupid. I know this is impossibility; at least we can laugh at your idiocy.

Aton said...

"One in three South African men admit to rape, survey finds'