Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Al Baghdadiya Shut Down

'Iraq's privately-owned Al-Baghdadiya television channel was closed down because it had turned into "a mouthpiece for terrorists," the country's media licensing commission said on Tuesday.

The Egypt-based station, whose programming focused heavily on Iraq, was closed because it had aired demands made by Al-Qaeda gunmen during Sunday's hostage drama at a Baghdad church that ended with 46 Christians killed, the commission said.'

Al Baghdadiya often invited guests who were critical of Maliki's government. Once I saw Mithal al Alusi on there calling on Maliki to step it up and do something good for Iraq. I saw some shouting matches. In 2007 Eye Raki wrote a post about Al Baghdadiya's shady ways of interviewing Iraqis. And we we will never forget Muntadhar al Zaidi, the Baghdadiya journalist who threw his shoes at Bush. But for the most part Al Baghdadiya seemed genuinely concerned for the welfare of Iraqis.

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