Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is Islam a religion of peace?

A few weeks ago I saw part of a debate on Bloomberg TV about whether Islam is a "religion of peace." It looked interesting and I want to see the entire debate.

There is no compulsion in religion, Zeba says. Her parents respect Jews and Christians, as the Qur'an instructs. A small minority of Muslims perpetuate violence, and their actions are motivated by politics and not religion, she argues.

On the other side of the debate, Ayan Hirsi Ali points out the violent verses in the Qur'an. She argues that Zeba, being a tolerant peace-loving Muslim, does not represent Islam.

Conclusion: the majority of Muslims are peaceful, but given the incredible violence in the Qur'an, Islam cannot be called a "religion of peace."


Don Cox said...

Most Muslims are peaceful in spite of Islam. So are most people of other religions.

Maury said...

Dolly seems peaceful enough to me.

Dolly said...

Immigration authorities were about to grab Mojo, but he posted something about how islam sucks and how the Crusaders are awesome, so now he is allowed to see another day

Dolly said...

There is a term Taqwa ← it means basically the level of your fear of the Fire.
Knowledge that the Fire exists, and a fear of winding up in it.
So whenever you see someone like Ayaan "Clitless" Ali mouthing off, it means their taqwa levels are zero.

The Sun itself will be thrown into the Fire, and you know the size of the Sun compared to the Earth.

Mister Ghost said...

There are many peaceful Muslims, but Islam itself is uber violent and totalitarian, one of the worst forces to ever be unleashed upon humanity.

Ayan Hirsi suffered FGM because it is proscribed (in varying degrees) in the Islamic holy texts. Of the 32 countries where FGM is traditionally practiced, 29 of them are Muslim.

Mister Ghost said...

Islam of course means submission.
But why should anyone of free will submit?

Mister Ghost said...

As regards to "no compulsion" in Islam, tell that to Islamic apostates, LOL.

As Spencer notes: "All the schools of Islamic jurisprudence all teach that a sane adult male who leaves Islam must be killed. They have some disagreements about what must he done with other types of people who leave Islam, but they have no disagreement on that."

Aton said...

Dolly is the quintessence of the ugliness in Islam.

Anonymous said...

ayan hirsi ali is a stupid cunt. the only thing about islam she knows is what she is supposd to say about it in the US and europe to be considered an "intellectual" and "expert"

Don Cox said...

"There is a term Taqwa ? it means basically the level of your fear of the Fire.
Knowledge that the Fire exists, and a fear of winding up in it."

This is indeed the main thing that is wrong in Islam, and in Christianity. The myth of eternal punishment in Hell is used to scare people into following the dogmas of these religions, and providing an income for the priests.

This evil fiction has made millions of lives a misery over the centuries. It may have originated with the Zoroastrians.

Maury said...

Where does Dolly get her inspiration to wipe out 99% of humanity? From the examples of Mohammed and the Quran. The Quran contradicts itself dozens of times. Since Allah can never be wrong, scholars determined that what Mohammed said last was what Allah really, really meant. The head chopping, enslavement, and extermination of peace-loving peoples was said last.

David All said...

OT, but related:
A very moving article, the celebration of Eid al-Adha at Kandahar airfield by Muslim soldiers of the ISAF and the Afghan Army at