Monday, November 22, 2010

Murder of Christians in Mousul continues

"Three people were killed Monday in Iraq in the latest attack targeting Christians, police in the city of Mosul said.

In one attack, two Christian brothers were killed in Mosul when gunmen broke into their workplace in an industrial part of the city and shot them. The brothers were welders who owned the shop.

On Monday evening, police found an elderly Christian woman strangled in her home in central Mosul.

The attacks on Christians started October 31 in Baghdad have extended to the northern parts of the country, such as Mosul.

Last week, a bomb attached to the vehicle of a Christian man detonated in eastern Mosul, killing him and his 6-year-old daughter, local police told CNN.

The November 16 attack came one day after two Christian men in adjacent homes were killed after gunmen stormed their houses.

Also on November 15, a bomb detonated outside a Christian home. It caused damages but no injuries."


Maury said...

It takes a mighty mujahadeen to murder an old lady or young child, right Dolly? Those mutts will do anything for the promise of sex.

Dolly said...

Again, the singular would be mujahid.

Maury said...

What do you call a mujahid who has earned his raisins? A smuj?

Dolly said...

You should zoom out to the big picture → Iraq was attacked in a tyrannical way in 2003, therefore we support everyone from the opposite side and we don't dwell on individual cases.

Imagine that some Allied fighter from 1944 killed a little girl in France. You would probably insist that the incident be observed within the wider context of World War 2, instead of focusing in on that one death only.

Similarly I don't care if some Christian gets shot, as long as it's in the context of fighting against the evildoers of the Crusader-Shiite axis.