Monday, November 08, 2010

Persians, Jews and Flies

'A propaganda pamphlet written by Saddam Hussein's uncle and published in 1981 summed up the dictator's attitude toward Jews: It's titled "Three Whom God Should Not Have Created: Persians, Jews and Flies."

Under Hussein, the anti-Semitic Iraqi regime confiscated property and imprisoned and attacked Jews, all but eliminating the remains of what was once a thriving community.'


Iraqi Mojo said...

‘Saddam had a harsh and deprived childhood, much like fellow mass murderers Stalin and Hitler. He was strongly influenced by his maternal uncle Khairallah Tulfah, with whom Saddam lived for some years from when he was about nine. Khairallah was a strong Nazi sympathizer who was imprisoned for four years following his part in the failed pro-Nazi coup of 1941.

He clearly was a strong influence on Saddam's political outlook. Khairallah authored a document published on Saddam's orders, many years later, in 1981, entitled "Three Whom God Should Not Have Created: Persians, Jews and Flies".

The book covers Saddam's early career as a street thug, and his first political murder in 1958.

It also covers important events in Iraq's modern political history, and Saddam's rise to power such as:

*The 1958 Free Officers Revolution, in which the young King Faisel II and his family were massacred, and the monarchy deposed, and General Abdul Karim Qassem installed as dictator, with the support of the Iraqi Communist Party.

* The failed 1959 coup nationalist against Qasem, which led to a brutal orgy of rape, looting and mass murder by the Communists against the nationalists and their families.

* Saddam's exile in Egypt after his attempted assasination of Qassem.

* The 1963 Baathist-suported coup which brought Abdul Salim Arif to power, and led to street battles between the Baathists (of which Saddam was a member) and the Communists.

It was at this time that Saddam returned to Iraq and played a part in the bloody revenge by Baathists against the Communists for the earlier Communist purges.
Saddam's execution of so many Communists makes the support he was to recieve in the 90's and early 2000's from Communists and leftists around the world all the more strange.

* The 1968 coup that finally brought the Baath Party to power, under Ahmad Hassan al Bakr, in the aftermath of Iraq and other Arab Sate's ignominious defeat by little Israel in the 1967 Six Day War.

Shortly afterwards there took place public hangings in Baghdad of Jews, who were accused of being 'Zionist spies.

In the early 1970's the Baath regime formed an alliance with Moscow, despite Bakr and Saddam's dislike of Communism. Saddam rapidly rose in power in the Baath regime and took a great interest in Iraq's development of deadly chemical weapons.

The book details his admiration of Hitler and Stalin, and his modelling of his leadership on these tyrants. By 1976 Saddam was the de facto leader of Iraq, and in his quest for chemical weapons, Iraq turned their attention to Germany, described by Coughlin as 'the spiritual home of poison gas'- part of the reason for Iraq's drive for chemical weapons was their desire to destroy Israel. At a meeting with the East Germans an Iraqi official was unapologetic about Iraq's intentions: " You Germans have great expertise in the killing of Jews with gas. This interests us in the same way...How can this used to destroy Israel?"

In 1979 Saddam formally took power, quietly getting rid of Bakr. His rise to power was accompanied by Stalinesque purges.

Grotesque tortures of men, women and children were a common feature throughout Saddam's rule. " There were well documented cases of women being tortured in front of their families, or of husbands and children being tortured in front of their wives or mothers...Another female survivor of Saddam's torture chamber revealed how sexual torture was commonly used against both women and children, and of children being placed in sacks with starving cats".

The author writes of the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) and Saddam's use of chemical warfare against the Iranian population, and the Halabja Massacre of 1988, in which Saddam butchered thousands of Kurds, with the use of chemical weapons.’

Maury said...

God created Persians and Jews so takfiri's would have something to occupy their time. Hasn't Dolly taught you anything about the qadr of Allah?

On the other hand, Americans were created just to annoy Bruno.

Bruno said...

I think Maury has it the wrong way round

Dolly said...

Well you are making a mistake by assuming that the Americans attacked Iraq to save muzziez, or to avenge fallen muzziez.