Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Iraqi Christians are murdered

'Suspected Islamist militants detonated 11 bombs in Christian suburbs across the Iraqi capital, striking indiscriminately at shops and homes owned by members of the increasingly vulnerable minority. At least five Christians were killed and a further 33 wounded, among them a four-month-old baby.

The attacks came less than a fortnight after extremists linked to al-Qaeda blew themselves up during evening mass at Baghdad's main Syriac Catholic church, killing over 50 worshippers.

In the aftermath of the church massacre, The Islamic State of Iraq, an al-Qaeda front, announced its intention to open upon the country's Christians "the doors of destruction and rivers of blood." '


Maury said...

And Maliki is asking other countries not to let Christians in. Apparently, he and Dolly are on the same page when it comes to exterminating Christians.

Mister Ghost said...

Although I frequently disagree with you, you are doing a very good job covering this issue, which is basically a genocide against Iraq's Christians.

As Freedom over at the very fine Eastern Liberty noted:

There were once Jews in Iraq-many people don't know that. Over 120,000 prior to 1948. They fled to Israel in the 1950's when they too were targeted by bloody violence, and as they left, they spoke to the Christians of Iraq: "Today is our day for leaving Iraq, and one day you will be forced to leave your homes too." Today there are less than 10 Jews in all of Iraq.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Thanks. I've been covering the murder and expulsion of Iraqi Christians for a while, but I haven't posted on all bombings and acts of violence aimed at Iraqi Christians. The bombings of Iraqi Churches have been happening since 2004. See Christian label.

I need to add labels to these recent posts. I always forget to add labels before publishing.

David All said...

Thanks, Mojo, for your continued posts about the horror Iraqi Christians are currently going through. First the Jews and now the Christians are being murdered and forced to leave Iraq. Whose turn will it be next?

Dolly said...

So out of the 100,000 human beings you've exterminated in Iraq, the focus is now supposed to be on the 2 dozen Christians and jews.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"What happened at the Catholic cathedral sent a huge shock wave through their community, but it was also felt by all the others, despite the many unspeakable atrocities they themselves have suffered in recent years.

Think of the many Shia mosques and shrines that have been massively bombed, the funeral processions and pilgrim groups attacked, the markets and crowded streets devastated, and the thousands of Sunnis abducted, tortured and killed just for being Sunnis.

But many instinctively felt that the attack on the church was something special. The Christians are a minority, less than 5% of the population.

They are not involved in the struggle for power or mastery. So for most Iraqis, attacking them is, haram, which means not just forbidden, but also something that just should not happen, something reprehensible, and pitiful, and wrong.

Because the Christians are a threatened and dwindling minority, many probably also felt that this was an attack on the very fabric of Iraqi society, on the co-existence that has to survive if Iraq itself is to survive."

--Jim Muir